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I am working from complete memory here so if anything is slightly off I apologize. I also want to note I got free tickets to the show as a seat filler waiting to fill empty seats on the camera side. I I also want to point out that had I paid for the show I would have been more upset and let down with what they gave us Tuesday.

After Main Event taping we got a dark match before SmackDown.

The Wyatt Family defeated. R-Truth, Xavier Woods and Sin Cara, Bray Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on R-Truth for the win. The Wyatt Family was over with the crowd. Wyatts were in control for most if not all of the match. Bray did his spider walk he does. Their entrance is very cool in person. Harper and Rowan were good as usual.

Lillan Garcia comes out to cheers, Michael Cole is booed and JBL is cheered. JBL got a couple chants during segments the crowd didn't care for.

SmackDown! opens with the Smackdown open video no pyro

Batista comes out to heavy boos to cut a promo asking where has the real men gone. He said last week a man with baby oil came out and challenge him; Dolph Ziggler and he beat him trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. He starts running down Daniel Bryan leading him coming out. At one point Dave called Daniel Bryan a "fan" and when they let "fans" into the locker room it ruined the business. Batista tells everyone to deal with the fact he is main eventing Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan comes out and says this "fan" had Batista beat if it wasn't for Triple H. Bryan started running down Batista's fashion style with his skinny jeans, his vest, his tattoo around his belly button and his pierced nose which got Batista to start attacking Daniel Bryan.. Kane ran down to get a 2 on 1 on Bryan until Big Shows music hit and him running down making the save. Vickie Guerrero makes a Tag Team Main Event later with Batista & Kane vs. Daniel Bryan & Big


Bryan got a great reaction from the fans but there is a running theme to the this SD taping where multiple guys working and appearing more than once hurting their reaction they get from the fans. Bryan's reaction probably was the only one that wasn't hurt at all.

In the back Kane is interviewed by Josh Mathews or Byron Saxton Kane said Daniel Bryan got lucky on Main Event and he is furious that he continues to challenge Triple H. He said he knows Bryan and that he has anger management issues.

Christian defeated Dolph Ziggler with the Killswitch. Alberto Del Rio distracted Ziggler who was at ringside for commentary stood up on the announce table causing Ziggler to look at Del Rio who was on the mic to taunt Ziggler which cost Ziggler to lose the match. Match was good. Ziggler did get some chants during this match.

Renee Young went to interview Christian afterwards which lead to Sheamus coming down and beating up Christian who retreated up the ramp.

A graphic for the Shield Summit is shown for later tonight.

The Usos defeated Rybaxel when I believe Jey hit the Superfly Splash on Ryback. Usos are over as the new Tag Team champions but a common trend for this taping was multiple guys working / appearing more than once. Ryback got the Goldberg chants as usual. The Usos pop second time out a little less since they worked Main Event.

RAW Rebound – This was all dedicated towards Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman wanting to end the streak against The Undertaker. Undertaker will be on RAW Monday and they showed the graphic on a couple occasions.

Natayla & Eva Marie defeated AJ Lee & Tamina when Natayla made AJ tap to the sharpshooter. Eva Marie started the match and they had her get beat down to set up the tag to Natayla. When it was Natayla and AJ Lee in there it was good but it was very brief. AJ and Natayla had a cool counter into the sharpshooter. Crowd popped for the finish but overall not invested in the match.

Hall of Fame induction video of Paul Bearer – Crowd cheered showed their respect for Paul Bearer.

The Shield Summit (promo). Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns walk down to the ring with their entrance without Seth Rollins. Ambrose got on the mic and voiced his feelings about Rollins walking out on Reigns and himself. Ambrose thought they had each others back but he was wrong. Reigns has a pissed off...