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OK so to start the second taping they taped two matches I think for Impact first, then inserted the Xplosion match in, then went back to taping Impact so I'm not sure what order the show will be in. I'll report them in the order they were taped.

Crimson is back and said it's been a year but he was going to win the BFG series. He had a qualifying match with Joseph Park, which he lost via a Rollup. So Joseph Park is in the BFG series now.

Magnus won a fantastic four-way match against Matt Morgan, Kenny King & Rob Terry in a BFG qualifier. This was booked great. First, Morgan is still coming out wearing Hogan's old Terry Golden/Boulder robe...not sure why. The premise of this match was the two big guys started off (Morgan & Terry) and Kenny King kept tagging himself in when Morgan had Rob T beat down, then would tag Morgan back in when Rob T began to come back on him. King was excellent here. Crowd was really behind Magnus getting into the match. Magnus got the hot tag in and cleaned house. The finish saw Magnus get the pin on King.

This is where they cut to an Xplosion match. Sabin beat Robbie E in an X title match. Sabin just looked good here.

Back to Impact tapings, Velvet Sky came out and called out Mickie. Basically Velvet presented Mickie with a letter from her doctor saying she was cleared to wrestle and wants her rematch. Mickie told her she could've gotten this off the internet. Velvet demanded an answer and Mickie said "why is this letter dated yesterday when your knee is still hurt today?" then turned full heel and took Velvet out by kicking her in the knee and put her in a reverse STF until the referees separated them, then had to help Velvet to the back.

Bad Influence beat Storm/Gunner when Daniels blasted Storm with the tag belt and Kaz picked up the cheap win. The match was non-title but it might have also been a BFG qualifier match.

Hulk Hogan came out. I'm assuming this will be the start of Impact. He announced that 3 men had already qualified for the BFG series (Bradley at Slammiversary, Joe & Hernandez earlier from "last week"). He also announced that the previous 2 winners get a bye and don't have to qualify (Hardy & Roode, who both came out separately). He said by the end of tonight we will know all 12 BFG series members. Roode & Hardy begin to jaw back and forth. Hogan announces that next week is Open Fight Night and Hardy & Roode can settle any differences they have then and Roode said he will call Hardy out. Bully, Brisco & G Bischoff come out. Hogan announces that all members of Aces & 8s will be in a battle royal later against each other for a BFG spot. Bully says it doesn't matter about the BFG series because they're all targets of Aces & 8s. He sends Brisco & Bischoff to get Hardy & Roode, who throw them out of the ring quickly. As Aces & 8s retreat, Roode blasts Hardy and bails.

Austin Aries beat Eric Young in one of the funniest matches I've seen in a long time. A couple of the better spots: Aries did his spin around on his opponent's back and slap the back of their head move, then laid across the top rope in the corner and put his feet up. This made EY get ODB get in the ring and he put her on the ground and spun around on her back then played drums on her butt, then did his own lay on the top rope in the corner with his feet propped up. Another really funny spot was Aries doing Flair chops on EY and the crowd "whooing" along, then whipping EY into the corner and EY did the Flair flip on the corner and when he landed it was so happy that he started to do the Flair strut on the apron, which popped the crowd huge. He ducked a shot by Aries, then they got back in the ring and EY whipped Aries to the corner. Aries tried to follow suit and did the Flair flip into the corner and when he landed acted like he was about to strut on the apron, but EY blasted him and he went flying to the guardrail outside. Both of these guys are so good. Aries wins and gets a spot in the BFG series.

Sting came out. Basically he said no one had his back at Slammiversary and let him get beat...