...MARCUS by pinfall.

Lei'd Tapa vs. Holly Blossom (w/Hannah).

Holly kicks Tapa, but is caught and slammed. Tapa throws Holly off the ropes and Holly hurricanranas Tapa into the turnbuckle. She is caught by a clothesline from Tapa and Tapa clamps on the Tongan Death Grip. Meanwhile, Epiphany comes to ringside and pulls down the hood on one of the cameramen to reveal Eddie Diamond. Epiphany starts yelling at him and grabs a mic. She challenges Tapa to a match at Saturday Night Special. Tapa accepts. Eddie gets in between them and they shove him down and shove each other. Eddie gets back up as they both wind up to take a swing at each other and both hit Eddie.


In the back, Heidi is talking to Trina and crying about what happened earlier. Trina tells her that they should partner up at Saturday Night Special and wipe the smirks off the faces of Taeler & Nikki. Crimson grabs the camera and him & Jason Wayne say there will be blood as they walk out of the building.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "The King of Pink, The Ken of OVW, & The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (c).

Royal tells referee Chris Sharpe to check Bostic. Sharpe finds brass knucks on him. Bostic says to check Royal too. Sharpe also finds brass knucks on Royal. Randy grabs Dylan by the hair, and then Dylan tries to give Royal a wedgie. Randy backs him up in the corner and elbows him in the head. They exchange chops, and Dylan pokes Royal in the eyes. He fires away on Royal and charges at him. Royal flips him over the top rope, but Dylan lands on the apron. Randy kicks the rope as Dylan tries to re-enter. Royal takes off the padding on the top turnbuckle. As Sharpe puts it back on, Dylan low blows Royal and then starts taking off the padding in the other corner. As Sharpe goes to fix that turnbuckle, Royal grabs a chain and knocks Dylan out. As he goes to pin, Tony Gunn shows up on the monitors and tells Randy that put his career on hold to help him out training and getting him back in the ring. He says he was stabbed in the back and it's now his mission to make Royal miserable as long as he has that TV title. Bostic has recovered during all of this and rolls Royal up for 3!


A new promotional video tells us that the Bodyguy is coming soon.

"Mr. Pec-Tacular" comes to the ring and says this week he handpicked his opponent and cannot lose.

"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer.

Jessie hits Dumeyer, throws him in the corner, and then hits his legdrop. He hits a beautiful dropkick and stomps Dumeyer. Jessie takes a moment to pose as Dumeyer recovers, pushes Jessie into the corner and rolls him up for 3!

WINNER: DUMEYER by pinfall.

After the match, Dean Hill goes over Jessie's accolades, but asks him about his losing streak, saying he just got beat by Nick Dumeyer. Jessie says he is not a loser. He's on TV, and all the people watch TV. Dean asks him what he is going to do if he loses again. He says he will not, but asks Dean his opinion. Dean says if he lost that much, he might think about giving up his contract. Jessie says since all the fans want to be involved, he will let the fans decide. If he loses again, they get to pick the stipulation. They can get on social media, go to Dean Hill's Facebook, OVW's Facebook, and decide what the stipulation should be if he loses again, but he's NOT a loser.

After all of this, the Assassin's music hits and he takes out Nick Dumeyer.

Gilbert Corsey is in the ring and his guests are the NEW OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes. He says the question on everyone's minds is if the tag titles will be defended at Saturday Night Special in a rematch against the Coalition. Ali starts talking about how the Coalition is a bunch of thugs when the monitors show the Coalition driving down the road. They stop in front of Michael Hayes' house! They go inside and search the place and find what they were looking for...Hayes' Purple Heart. They say he will get it back when their property is returned to them. Ali talks about his West Point experience and says this is no longer about the titles, this is war!