...Hayes takes the mic and says he is not going to yell and scream. He has had a hatred building up in his soul for over 7 years with no way to get it out. They just took something that was given to him for his service to this great country. It doesn't matter if they keep the titles or not, they are coming for them at the Saturday Night Special!

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Paredyse vs. Adam Revolver.

Adam & Paredyse lock up into the corner. Paredyse swings at Adam, but he moves, and Adam locks in a side headlock. Adam takes Paredyse down to the mat. Adam with a slam. Adam with a single leg takedown and then he locks in a figure four. Paredyse reaches the ropes for the break. Paredyse kicks Adam and locks in a headlock. Adam shoves him off into the ropes and slams Paredyse. He slams him a second time and then dropkicks Paredyse out of the ring. Adam goes to the outside, hits Paredyse and rakes his back. Back inside, Paredyse tries to kick Adam, but Adam catches his foot and flings his leg down, causing Paredyse to fall on his face. He throw Paredyse to the corner, where Paredyse leaps up, but Adam catches him and throws him onto the top rope and shakes the top rope up and down with Paredyse positioned awkwardly. Paredyse falls to the outside and Adam dives out on him. Back inside, Adam throws Paredyse to the corner again, but this time, Paredyse jumps onto the second rope and catches Adam with a spinning kick to the head. He tries to pin for 2. He kicks and punches Adam and locks in a rear naked chokehold. Adam breaks out and Paredyse goes for the Bronco Buster in the corner, but Adam moves, and Paredyse lands in a bad spot. Adam fires away, clotheslines Paredyse in the corner, and hits a bulldog for 2. Adam goes for the 10-punch count in the corner, but Paredyse delivers an atomic drop. Adam comes back with a perfect plex for 2. They both run at each other and double clothesline each other. Paredyse crawls over to his makeup bag and grabs a foreign object. Adam catches him and takes it away. The ref tells Adam to put it down. Meanwhile, Paredyse grabs a chain from his kneepad and clocks Adam in the back of the head with it to get the 3.

WINNER: PAREDYSE by pinfall.