Dark Matches

1. Ricky Reyes over Grizzly Redwood. Ricky wins a good match in five. Cameras were rolling but I think it was dark.

Veda Scott out doing crowd work asking for people who are here for their first show, shilling merch. The show started late due to audio problems.

TV Taping For March 17 show

1. Adam Cole defeated Chris Silvio. Silvio won't shake. Cole won in five. Cross armed german. Way too competitive. Kyle O'Reilly was on commentary. He got on the mic and challenged Cole for March 31. Cole says he has PMS and accepts. O'Reilly was a total heel.

Kevin Steen was interview by Kevin Kelly and had a tennis racket with Davey on it. He remixed his music to have wolf howl from Davey's music added. He talked about Blind Destiny match with Eddie Edwards. Total face reaction. He said he'll win the title and hold company hostage, and Cornette will kiss his feet, ass, and balls. Jim Cornette out. Steen did three 1/2 pushups to mock Cornette, saying they were more than Cornette has ever done. He announced El Generico vs. Steen on 3/30. He took his sweet time getting to the point, but he reiterated the piledriver ban. Steen messed up a couple times and called Cornette an idiot. He said anyone who gets in his way will be taken out, including Cornette, and poked him with racket.

2. Jay Lethal beat Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) in a March Mayhem Qualifier. Lethal came out without his ROH TV Title. "Black Machismo" chant turned to "Let's Go Lethal." Choreographed indie sequence of mutual respect and parity (or CISOMRAP). Strong still seemed to be recruiting. Truth's interference was botched. Michael Elgin's interference was botched. A rollup win for Lethal. Very very good 15 minute match. Roddy was very mad at Truth and Elgin, and left without them. Jay is getting better and better each month.

- Cornette came out to talk to the crowd between shows.

March 24 TV Taping

- Cornette interviewed Roderick (w/Truth and Elgin), Eddie Edwards (big pop), and Davey Richards (mixed, lots of heckling). Davey says he's not sure he can trust Eddie. Eddie was pissed that Davey compared him to a prick like Roddy, who said he's sorry they had a bad breakup and said Elgin will give him his match at 3/31. Elgin didn't seem to agree, but Jay came out and called Roddy a butt-munch (chant) and a fart-head. He said he deserves Roddy's spot after winning last week and he'll start taking what he deserves.

Out came Kevin Steen with wolf intro in his music. He said he's rooting for Eddie because he wants the title match. He said he'll find a way to get a title shot no matter what. Steen was far less effective without his swear words. He called people in the ring a circle of jerks. Jawing between emasculated men in ring. Everyone leaves but Davey, who gets heckled with some overrated chants on his way out.

1. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander (The New Combination) defeated Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Streamers! Proper face-heel reactions mostly, but some cheers for WGTT. New Combo win what was a fun match until Haas was hit in he head with an unprotected chair shot by one of the Briscoes.

Veda entered the ring with a mic and short skirt as the refs checked on Haas with Shelton. The mic didn't work. New mic for Shelton, who decried chair shots and says Florida will be genocide for anyone with the last name Briscoe or anyone who cheers for them. He sold for a good five minutes as the crowd chanted "Man Up."

2. Adam Cole defeated Michael Elgin (w/Truth Martini) in a March Mayhem Qualifier. Not a strong reaction for Cole which is surprising. O'Reilly on commentary. Botched interference from Roddy leads to a Cole roll up win in 12. There was an attack after the bell, but Eddie out for the save. A good match, but Cole had trouble getting face heat.

- Intermission. So far tonight, I've seen two suicide dives straight on and Cedric Alexander was dumped into the lap of the people to my left.

Taping for March 31

Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly were in the ring to start. They announced O'Reilly vs. Ciampa, and Bennett vs. someone for last two spots in March Mayhem Tournament. Four-way with the winner next week (4/7 show which will be taped tonight). Cut to video package.

1. Tommaso Ciampa beat Kyle O'Reilly in a March Mayhem Qualifier. Ciampa did not have a title belt with him either. Boos all around, mostly. Mia looks very...