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5.21 (Full)
Impact opens up with MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley coming out. They talk about fooling everyone and how it's really all about money, power and respect. The Wolves come out and they get into a brawl. Lashley spears Davey through a table off the stage. Eric Young comes out but MVP's crew comes out. They attack him and Austin Aries hits the scene to make the save. He challenges MVP for tonight and MVP accepts.

The Beautiful People come out. Angelina Love has an open challenge for the Knockouts title. She beats Brittany and puts a bag over her face. Gail Kim makes the save.

Austin Aries beat MVP by DQ when Lashley and King interfered. Eric Young tried to make the save but is beaten down and told he will face Lashley later tonight. Dixie Carter and EC3 come out. MVP asks her why she is here since he banned her. She says it's not about what she wants but what she can do for MVP. Bully Ray charges in with a pipe and runs her and EC3 off. He and MVP go at it. MVP and friends beat Bully down. Dixie returns and has EC3 put Bully through a table.

Willow pinned Magnus outside the ring so I guess it was a No DQ or a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Eddie Edwards comes out and calls out MVP. Kenny King comes out and he and Edwards brawl. King suplexes Edwards on the ramp and leaves him laying.

Bobby Lashley defeated TNA champion Eric Young after MVP and King interfered. They were going to be DQ'd but MVP warned the ref that he better not do it. Aries charged in with a Singapore Cane but was beaten down. MVP's forces stand tall.

That ended the first episode.

Xplosion: Madison Rayne pinned Velvet Sky.

5.29 (Partial):
Mr. Anderson & Gunner beating the Bromans.

The Menagerie came out and beat up Zema Ion after the tag match.

Bram defeated Tigre Uno. Magnus told Bram that he needs to prove himself by beating Willow.

Bully Ray came out and said he will keep fighting. He promises the fans that he will take MVP, Dixie, EC3, Lashley, King and Spud and put each of them through a table. He calls them all out. MVP's crew come out to confront him but EC3 and Spud attack Bully from behind. They work him over but The Wolves, Young and Aries hit the ring for the save. There is a big brawl and Spud is put through a table.

MVP & Kenny King & Bobby Lashley defeated The Wolves & Austin Aries