Thanks to reader Zech P. for sending in these quick notes from last night's iMPACT! tapings:

Kazarian beat Hernandez in a BFG Series match that was taped for Xplosion.

Knux defeated Chris Sabin via DQ

AJ Styles won the BFG Series gauntlet match to earn 20 points and win the top spot of the BFG Series. The final four that will battle at No Surrender on September 12th are: AJ Styles, Magnus, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. As the man in the top spot, Styles will be able to pick his opponent.

Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco defeated Gunner and James Storm in a non-title match.

Sting defeated Bully Ray in a non-title match. Lots of interference, but in the end Mr. Anderson allowed Sting to apply the scorpion death lock and Bully had to submit.

After the match, Mr. Anderson revealed that he will be the man challenging Bully Ray for the TNA World Title at No Surrender on September 12th.

Thanks to reader Matt Pocock for sending in these quick notes from last night's iMPACT! tapings:

Just returned home from the Impact taping in Cleveland. It was a really fun show (my first in 7 or 8 years) however I've already driven 3 hours home so apologies for any mistakes. As a note, the arena was maybe 40% full. Entire upper level empty, and lower bowl only went around a tad over halfway (floor was packed however).

Xplosion Match: Eric Young beat Jay Bradley


After this match Mickie James came out and talked about being bummed she didn't get invited to the VMA's, but as a consolation she had a MJA award (small star trophy). ODB comes out and things begin to heat up. ODB turns her back to Mickie and get's nailed with the trophy. Minor fight breaks out in the ring, and eventually ODB gets the better of the exchange and tears Mickie's t-shirt off (which revealed another top underneath that was obvious from the get go).

Then we get all of Ace's and Eights back in the Ring. Bully complains about Hogan's power trip at the end of Impact, and then announces that the A&8 are gonna take care of business tonight. Knox is going to face Chris Sabin, Bischoff and Briscoe will face James Storm and Gunner, and Anderson will take care of business in the "gauntlet" match.

Knox stays in the ring, Bully stays at ringside, and out comes Sabin for what I assume will be the first match. Eventually Bully tosses the hammer into Knox and distracts the ref, however Sabin kicks Knox to gain control of the hammer and nails Knox with it. Ref saw the strike, and DQ's Sabin.

Next up was the "gauntlet" match. I use the quotes because the match was a mini Royal Rumble, not a traditional gauntlet match. Every 90 seconds or so the next person on the leader board comes in (match started with Hernandez and Jay Bradley). This was a very long and entertaining match. Some of the highlights of the match included Samoa Joe eliminating Anderson with a head kick while Anderson was sitting on turnbuckle. He took a nasty fall to the floor, and ref's called for medical. He walked off on his own a little woozy, and you could see he was bleeding from the back of his head. A lot of big names were eliminated earlier than I would've expected (namely Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and Magnus who was there for the second episode). Final two in the match were AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, with AJ picking up the win after hitting him with the Pele kick. AJ finishes the Bound for Glory Series in first place!

Next up was the tag team match between Storm and Gunner vs. Briscoe and Bischoff. By now the crowd was getting burned out and a little quiet. A&8 won the match after Gunner took a shot to the back of the head with some brass knuckles by Bischoff I believe. Post match A&8 gestured and continued to yell about coming after the tag belts.

After this match they brought out the final four in the Bound for Glory series, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Magnus, and Bobby Roode. AJ was allowed to choose his first opponent for No Surrender, and he chooses Austin Aries. That leaves Magnus and Bobby Roode in the second semifinal match.

They showed us a quick clip from the back (our first of the second taping) of Bully riding Anderson for losing the Bound for Glory series. He tells him that everyone else is stepping up, and it's time for him to do his part.

Main event time as Sting comes...