* William Regal and Josh Mathews are out for commentary.

* Johnny Curtis with Maxine vs. Percy Watson opens NXT. Percy gets the win with the flapjack. William Regal takes a mic and praises Watson. Regal announces Maxine vs. Kaitlyn up next.

* Maxine beats Kaitlyn with a sleeper hold.

* Regal talks about Matt Striker’s kidnapping. Regal forces Curtis and Maxine to sign a contract that makes her his manager then Regal handcuffs them together.

* Backstage promo with Darren Young and a new manager going to SmackDown apparently. We see Matt Striker smiling and sporting a new walking cane.

* Backstage promo with Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. They come to the ring and say they didn’t kidnap Matt Striker. Striker comes out and goes to hit them with his cane but Regal interrupts. Regal announces Reks vs. Hawkins with Striker as referee. The loser will get fired.

* Tyler Reks beat Curt Hawkins with a roll-up. Striker hits Hawkins with the cane. Regal also fires Reks. Reks goes nuts as NXT goes off the air.