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WWE NXT Taping (Airing Wednesday):

Matt Striker and William Regal came out for NXT.

1. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins defeated The Uso Brothers. The crowd was flat at first, but picked up toward the end with nearfalls. We're simple folk here in Louisiana, easily entertained. Tyler Reks scored the pin. Not sure which Uso took the fall.

Maxine came out to the announce booth. No one seems to care much. Her video is played nonstop like some sort of hell. Kaitlyn came out next. Then Tamina Snuka. Not much reaction from the crowd.

2. Kaitlyn defeated Tamina Snuka. Kaitlyn won by submission in a match that was far too long. Roughly three people cared.

3. Justin Gabriel, Percy Watson and Derrick Bateman defeated Johnny Curtis, Mike McGillicutty, and JTG. Decent pop for most everyone. Brian noted that he didn't think anyone knew who the heels and faces are. He knows he didn't. Justin made the pin on JTG. No 450 splash, so it was a bit disappointing. Decent six-man tag overall, though.