Credit: David Pee & PWInsider

We open with Sweet T on commentary to start with Tom Philips and Alex Riley, who has a comedically simple video entrance (only his name).

Slate Randall will be going against Yoshi Tatsu in the opening contest, which is probably a dark match. Tatsu is pretty dominant in the early goings, but Randall gets a quick rollup when Tatsu goes for a Tajiri-esque buzzsaw kick.

Corey Graves comes out to explain his attack on Adrian Neville. Neville comes out pretty quickly to get the jump on him, and fights him down the ramp to the ring. Back and forth fighting til two refs come break it up. After the separation, Neville launches himself over the top rope onto Graves.

Intro plays.

Out comes Emma, going one-on-one with Sasha Banks (with Summer Rae in her corner). Ratchet chants break out fairly quickly for Sasha Banks. Nice back and forth. A chant for tables breaks out for no apparent reason; the crowd seems more concerned with responding to Summer's yelling than watching the match, which has been a Sasha Banks side headlock for a solid two minutes straight. Emma gains momentum, slaps on her version of the tarantula. Summer Rae with the distraction, Paige comes out to deal with Summer, Sasha wins with a rollup when the ref is done dealing with Paige. Paige gets in the ring and tries to get Sasha while she's running her mouth, but hits Emma with a clothesline when Sasha ducks.

Two jobbers make their standard entrance with little fanfare, up against the new NXT tag champs The Ascension. The jobbers get no offense in whatsoever; a quick wih to establish some credibility for the new tag champs.

CJ Parker dances his way down the ramp holding Tyler Breeze's iPhone. He's set to go one-on-one with Alexander Rusev, whose pre-match routine seems like Fred Flintstone meets HBK. An unknown blonde woman comes out pretty quickly, does a lap around the ring, then heads to the back; neither competitor is noticeably distracted. Parker taps in about 40 seconds to a Camel Clutch in another largely one-sided match. Breeze comes out while Parker is sitting in the ring immobilized, hits a spinning heel kick, and cuts two of his dreads off. Breeze gets his phone back.

Corey Graves comes out to a mixed reaction, and Adrian Neville comes out to cheers. Looks like this will be the main event of the first show. Neville has an early lead, but Graves goes to work on the legs. Couple of submissions I've never seen before, ending with what looks like a modified Figure Four, making Neville tap out. Graves locks the submission in on the ramp while Neville is limping out.

Backstage Fallout with Sami Zayn discussing losing the NXT Title after JBL restarted the match. He wants the belt back. Commercial for Raw, then the Goldberg DVD, then for the Susan G Komen foundation.

William Regal and (I think) Renee Young on commentary as the second show starts with Enzo Amore and Big Cass. They're not pleased with the Legionaires playing dirty. Rusev and Lefort are their opponents. Big Cass is enormous. Rusev goes on a bit of a rampage, knocking over Big Cass, then Enzo, then Lefort. Very quick victory over Big Cass with a Camel Clutch. After the match, the mystery girl from the first taping shows up at the top of the ramp. No words are exchanged, and she follows Rusev to the back.

Jason Jordan makes his way to the ring with a video that consistely solely of him posing in an empty ring. His opponent will be The Artist, Aiden English. He is singing and the crowd is having none of it, but gives him a standing ovation at the end anyway. Jordan mounts an offense for about ten seconds, and then the squash begins; English is confident singing while he has Jordan in a side headlock. Aiden English picks up an easy win, and gives the crowd an encore. Stagehands throw roses into the ring and William Regal gives him a standing ovation.

Summer Rae comes out with Sasha Banks in her corner. She's going one-on-one with the NXT Women's Champion, Paige. Summer Rae outside, Paige tries a baseball slide but Banks moves her out of the way. Sasha Banks grabs Paige's ankle after an irish whip and the ref ejects her. Summer knocks her flat on her back against the ring apron. Fairly competitive match, but Paige hits (what I think was) the Paige Turner and wins it. Sasha Banks comes from the back and ambushes Paige, and Emma is fast behind her. While Emma hammers away on Banks, Paige tries to move her out...