Credit: Joseph McGuirk &

Dark Match:

1. Jason Jordan beat Tye Dillinger (f/k/a Shawn Spears).

Episode One:

General Manager JBL, NXT Champion Bo Dallas, and Sami Zayn promo starts the show. JBL announces a beat-the-clock challenge to determine the No.1 Contender to the NXT title.

1. Alexander Rusev over Colin Cassady to set the time at 5:33.

2. Kassius Ohno defeated Tyler Breeze to set the time at about 4:45.

3. Hunico and Camacho defeated a jobber team. This one lasted all of about 10 seconds. One of the enhancement talents was Johnny Vandal of FIP. The other went by Chris/Cliff(?) Rockwell.

4. Adrian Neville defeated Aiden English with about three seconds to spare.

5. Sami Zayn beat Leo Kruger in the same exact time as Neville JBL announced that the main event of the next show will be Zayn vs. Neville to determine No.1 Contender.

Episode Two:

1. Antonio Cesaro beat Yoshi Tatsu. Prior to the match, Cesaro roughed up ring announcer Byron Saxton. William Regal ran in to prevent the beating from getting too bad.

2. Bo Dallas beat CJ Parker

3. Tyler Breeze scored a quick win over Kassius Ohno. Prior to the match, Alexander Rusev attacked Ohno to set up the loss.

4. Hunico and Camacho beat NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension in a non-title match.

5. Adrian Neville beat Sami Zayn to become No.1 Contender to the NXT Title. Neville won clean with the Red Arrow in a match desctibed as "awesome by NXT standards." Bo Dallas was in on commentary for this one.

Episode Three:

1. NXT Women's Champion Paige defeated Natalya.

2. Aiden English squashed a jobber. Antonio Cesaro apologizes for manhandling Byron Saxton, but then gets mad and does it again, this time slapping him. Regal was nowhere to be found. Apparently, Cesaro didn't feel that Saxton was saying "We The People" with enough conviction.

3. Tyson Kidd beat Leo Kruger. Sami Zayn ran in and distracted Kruger, leading to the loss.

4. Adrian Neville beat Bo Dallas by count-out in a match for the NXT Championship. Of course, the title doesn't change hands on a count-out.

Episode Four:

1. The Ascension beat Hunico and Camacho.

2. Alexander Rusev over Kassius Ohno.

3. Summer Rae and Sasha Banks beat Bayley and Natalya.

4. Mojo Rawley beat Scott Dawson. Post-match, Dawson beat Rawley down and motioned like he was kicking dirt over him.

5. Leo Kruger beat Sami Zayn. They brawled after the match and it had to be broken up by referees and officials.

The final segment was a long one featuring JBL, Dusty Rhodes, Triple H, and Big Show. It concluded with Show knocking out a bunch of NXT guys and JBL, to send the crowd home happy.