Credit: Mike Roth, Michael Straw, Don Daly &

Dark Match:

1. Johnny Curtis defeated Michael McGillicutty. Curtis won with a top rope leg drop.

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Taping:

1. Sin Cara defeated a masked luchador. The guys didn't catch the name of the masked wrestler. Sin Cara got a pretty solid reaction and won a fast paced match with a top rope splash.

2. Daniel Bryan defeated Tyson Kidd. Bryan came out to LOUD yes chants. During the match, Bryan was trying to leave, Kane's pyro and music hit, he came out to by far the loudest cheers I've heard for him in a long time. Bryan did a near minute long airplane spin to Kidd. Bryan went for a move but was dizzy and completely missed. Bryan crossed his legs like a ball and was rolled around by Kidd, clearly a stupid pander to the young audience. Bryan then won with a roll up. After the match Kane took the belts and celebrated.