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The main event was listed as Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.

Michael Cole made his entrance to cheers at first but some boos picked up before he finished making his entrance. Normal reactions for Lilian Garcia and others.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge opened the show. Lilian Garcia announced his name and the crowd erupted! He started by saying "this never gets old." He talked about how he misses it and he doesn't know what else he wants to do. He eventually introduced a video of Kane and Daniel Bryan arguing about the titles and hugging it out again from Raw. After that video a "Yes" chant broke out.

Edge continued but Daniel Bryan's entrance interrupted him. Bryan started by saying he wanted to correct Edge's use of pronouns and said, "We are not the tag team champions, I'm the tag team champions" over and over again until Edge cut him off. Edge asks how this happened. Bryan says he's one with his emotions. The crowd was hot for this with bunch of "Yes" chants. Edge eventually said, "Excuse me," and Bryan asked, "Do we have to bring up your ex-wife?" Bryan asked "Does anyone really know you Edge"? He told Edge to go back to acting and retirement and said there's nothing Edge or the fans can do to make him snap.

Edge said that sounded like a challenge. Bryan and Edge went back and forth saying "No, it doesn't" and "Yes, it does" until Kane's music interrupted them. Kane said, "Your both wrong because I'm the tag team champions." Kane and Bryan went back and forth as Edge interrupted them. Bryan and Kane said Edge seemed mad and should use Dr. Shelby's techniques to help. Edge ran over what's happened these last few weeks and said Kane is not Barney the big red dinosaur, he's the Big Red Machine. He recalled how they both tortured each other through out their careers and asks Kane if he remembers it. Kane said yes and he has to take care of that right now as Edge removes his jacket Kane holds out his arms for a hug.

Edge hesitated for a while and then Kane hugged Edge. As they hugged, Bryan started screaming "No!" until Edge told Daniel to join the hug. He started to but Damien Sandow interrupted, saying he was there to help everyone. He said some stuff using his great big words before Edge interrupted and told him to shut up. He said he would rather watch Bryan and Kane hug it out longer than he can listen to Sandow talk. Edge played with the Yes and No's to see who Sandow should wrestle. Booker T showed up on the screen and said Sandow would be in action next against Kane..

1. Damien Sandow defeated Kane. Kane worked over sandow the majority of the match, and as he went for the chokeslam he was interrupted by Bryan holding up the belts and climbing onto the apron. Sandow took advantage, hit Kane with his finisher and stole the win.

Backstage, Kane was flipping out while looking for Daniel Bryan. He found Dr. Shelby. Shelby, who told Kane to calm down. Kane said if he doesn't give him his title belt back he will rip the beard off his goat face. Bryan hopped out of a bin behind Shelby and they started yelling at each other until Shelby interrupted and made them promise to share the titles and for Kane to not rip his beard off. Shelby said he will talk to Booker T and get Bryan a match to make Kane feel better since Bryan cost Kane his match...

Alberto Del Rio was in Booker T's office. Alberto Del Rio complained about how Booker T waited to revoke the Brogue Kick right before the match on Sunday. Booker T said he does feel bad but Del Rio needs to earn another title match and implied he could do so by winning the tag match tonight.

2. Layla defeated Natalya. Eve was on commentary for the match. Layla, while never losing focus on Eve outside the ring, won with a falling neckbreaker in roughly one minute.

Lilian Garcia announced the main event for tonight. It looks like they are taping it early tonight since the dark match is advertised as Randy Orton vs. Del Rio vs. Sheamus for the title.

Del Rio makes his entrance to boos followed by Vickie Guerrero saying "Excuse me" as she was booed to announce Dolph Ziggler, who got no reaction at all. Orton got tons of cheers. The crowd was hot for this show! I haven't heard...