Dark Match:

Los Locales v. The Primetime Players. A couple smarks think they're cool because they know who are under the masks. PTP picks up the victory with Titus's Sky-High powerbomb.

WWE SmackDown (Airing Friday):

Thanks to reader IAmLars for sending in the following:

Vickie and Maddox are out for an opening promo. I literally can't hear Vickie over the boos. Daniel Bryan interrupts and teases a Big Show arrival. The Rhodes Bros come out and all three are put into a match with the Shield later.

* The Wyatts v. Kofi & Miz. We get robbed of a full Wyatts entrance. Luke murders Kofi with a lariat for the win. Bray cuts a promo on Miz being afraid.

* Brie Bella v. AJ Lee. Not a bad match. Tamina and Nikki fight at ringside, creating the distraction for Bri to defeat AJ with the facebuster.

Big Show arrives through the crowd in a hoodie and gets in the ring. Show reveals he has filed a lawsuit against The Authority. Maddox & Vickie hit the ring. Maddox gets in Show's face and gets KOed. Show stares down Vickie and leaves.

* CM Punk v. Big E. Great match from both. Big E dominated with power moves and a half crab. Punk mounts a comeback and wins with the G2S. Heyman, Ryback, and Axel enter and cut a promo. They hit the ring to attack Punk, but Big E steps in the ring to a big pop and cleans house for Punk.

Josh Matthews interviews Del Rio. ADR calls Cena the ultimate gringo, Juanito, and soft. ADR slaps the cross arm breaker on Josh to prove what he can do to Cena's injured arm.

* The Real Americans v. The Usos. Cesaro does the swing on Jimmy (I think) for 27 seconds. Awesome. Los Matadores interrupt. Torito gores Zeb a couple times. The distraction allows the Usos to pick up the victory with the Superfly Splash.

* Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Goldust v. The Shield. Entertaining match throughout. Lots of great spots. Reigns accidentally spearing the ring steps, a double underhook superplex from Ambrose, Rollins powerbombing Cody from the apron into Goldust and over the announce table. The faces comeback and Bryan goes apeshit. Bryan pins Ambrose after the flying knee.

I don't catch the dark match with Randy Orton. They've sent me home happy and I want to beat the traffic.