...got a table and put Del Rio through it. Start the count. Up at 6. Bring on the chair. Del Rio got best of Show with the chair and then used a cool armbar that didn't work out to well. Del Rio went back to the offense. Show quickly recovered. Bring on another table.

Del Rio drop kick show though the table. Start the count. Show up at six. Del Rio put a sleeper hold on Show that didn't work too well either. Show chokeslammed Del Rio. Start the count. Up at nine. Show put Del Rio though the barricade. I don't know how, but Show got up at nine. Wow!!

Show performed the WMD on Del Rio, but Del Rio got up at six. Show tagged him with another WMD, but Del Rio got up at eight. Ricardo tried to help Del Rio and brought on the stairs. Show missed and went into the corner post. Show was stunned. Del Rio threw the stairs into Show twice. Show was still standing. Del Rio hit him three times with stairs. OMG moment. Show went down. Del Rio flipped the announcers' table on Show to start the count. Del Rio wins the belt.