...was Damin Sandow by Kane via pinfall.

Big Show then entered the ring and exchanged blows with Kane ultimately ending up outside of the ring. Big Show threw Kane into the ring post which knocked him to the ground. Kane was unable to get to his feet and was counted out by the ref.

Rhodes and Bryan exchanged blows and had some impressive chain grapples. Big Show was tagged in and had the upper hand on Bryan. Bryan got the upper hand and attempted a jump from the top rope, when he was hit with a Big Show Punch that knocked him out of the ring. Bryan was unable to get to his feet and was eliminated via count out.

Del Rio was left with the task of eliminating Big Show and Cody Rohdes. After being manhandled by Big Show, Del Rio was able to hit a super kick on Show, who was on the apron knocking him to the outside. Big Show was ten eliminated via count out.

Del Rio and Rhodes battles it out until Del Rio hit a kick to Rhodes' head in the corner scoring the win. Del Rio's celebration was short lived, as Big Show retuned to the ring and began an after match assault, which ended with Big Show pushing a table over on Del Rio. Show counted to ten as he stood over Del Rio to end SmackDown.

Dark Match

After the show closed out, Big Show came back out and started trash talking the arena and demanded that Alberto Del Rio be rolled back into the ring. Show challenged Del Rio to a title match tonight.

Del Rio asked for the bell. Show announced that the match was no DQ.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show in a No DQ match to retain the World Hvt. Championship. The bell rang and Show manhandled Del Rio. Del Rio was ultimately able to put Big Show through a table with a bulldog from the top rope and scored the win via pinfall to retain the championship.