Credit: Christopher Starman, Jarrad Butz, Andrew Quick &

Dark Match:

1. Ted DiBiase beat Dean Ambrose. Huge pop for Ted. Great heel work from Ambrose. There was a chant for DiBiase, who got a near fall and then won with the Million Dollar Slam.

WWE Superstars Taping:

1. Antonio Cesaro defeated Justin Gabriel. Aksana was out showing off to the crowd. Cesaro did his usual promo in five languages. The word was "exceptional." The match was very good and Cesaro won with a toss and shoulder to the neck of Justin, a European uppercut, and then his finisher. The crowd was dead.

2. Layla beat Natalya. Basic divas match. Looked like Natalya got a couple good shots to the throat. Pretty physical for diva matches, according to Andrew, but Jarrad felt the match was flat.

3. Damien Sandow defeated Alex Riley in 4:11. A-Ry got a huge pop. Doug assumes it was because it's the diet match in front of a hot Chicago crowd. Sandow received some major boos from the audience. Sandow went over with his finisher. Riley was on offense (which was very sloppy) for most of the contest.

4. WWE Tag Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defeated Epico and Primo. The tag champs won a non-title match in 7:30.