Bound for Glory 2013 took place on October 20th, 2013 at the Viejas Arena in San Diego, California. Mike Tenay and Taz provided commentary for the show. This was the first time TNA hosted a show in San Diego.

The PPV began with a recap video for the AJ Styles and Bully Ray feud.

- X Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Manik(c) vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin vs Samoa Joe

The match had a lot of pace, as we expect from an Ultimate X match. Jeff Hardy introduced a ladder halfway through the match which gave the wrestlers a shortcut to the title.

None of the five combatants had an advantage for too long, until Chris Sabin introduced the Velvet Sky factor. After shoving her into the ring, this was enough of a distraction for Sabin to climb the ladder and receive the title. The rest of the participants looked dumbstruck, and Velvet Sky appeared disgusted with Sabin for winning the title in this manner.

The match was short compared to other Ultimate X matches, but was still a solid way to start the show.

WINNER: Chris Sabin - NEW X Division Champion.

Mike and Taz hyped the main event some more. They showed a video of AJ Styles first accomplishment; AJ Styles defeating Jerry Lynn in 2002 for the NWA-TNA X Division title.

Bad Influence made their way to the ring despite Storm/Gunner vs Bro-Mans match being scheduled. Kaz got on the microphone and claimed they were screwed. Bad Influence felt they deserved to be fighting for the tag team titles which prompted Eric Young to come down to the ring. EY said they had created a monster earlier on in the night (on the pre-show) and they should run.

Daniels and Kaz cheap shot Eric Young and beat him down. Abyss returned! The Monster came down to the ring and the crowd went nuts as Abyss took out Bad Influence. Bad Influence took a Black Hole Slam each. Abyss looked down on EY, and extended his hand. EY took it and Abyss pulled him up. EY smiled as Abyss played to the crowd. Could this be the end of Joseph Park??

Backstage we see Storm and Gunner having a short interview with Jeremy Borash. They hyped their tag team title match and put the Bromans on notice. The Bromans entered the arena with Mr Olympia at their side.

- TNA World Tag Team Championship: Storm/Gunner(c) vs The Bromans.

This was a solid back and forth match which saw both teams working well together. Robbie E and Jessie had the upper-hand until Storm managed to get a tag and mounted a lot of offence.

They pushed each other to the limit, and as the crowd got really into it, the Bromans outsmarted the Champions by throwing one of the titles in the ring. With the referee temporarily distracted, Robbie and Jessie performed their finisher on Storm and picked up the victory. Robbie E appeared shocked after the three count, and Mr Olympia joined them in the ring to celebrate.

WINNERS: The Bromans - NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions.

TNA showed a clip from the TNA Hall of Fame ceremony, inducting Kurt Angle. He thanked all the fans for their support over the years.

Borash introduced Sting to induct Kurt Angle. Sting entered and introduced Kurt Angle to the audience. Kurt Angle made his way to the ring and the crowd embraced him. Kurt Angle was very emotional and told everyone the Hall of Fame induction meant more to him then the fans will ever know.

The crowd thanked Angle, he was lost for words and handed the microphone back to Sting. Sting joked with Angle that he was lonely being the only member of the Hall of Fame, so he wished for him to join.

Angle took out the Hall of Fame watch that Sting had presented to him. The crowd chanted "You deserve it". Kurt Angle took a while to respond, and went onto say he had let his peers down, and had not reached his full potential, therefore he would respectfully decline the induction into the Hall of Fame.

This showed how disappointed Kurt Angle was to be inducted despite letting everyone down. The crowd was disappointed at first, but also respected that Kurt Angle had to prove himself once again before being inducted.

TNA showed another AJ Styles clip, when he defeated Kurt Angle to win the World Championship in 2009. Dixie Carter was shown backstage on her phone as Ethan Carter III made his début. Dixie told Ethan that she had handpicked his opponent for tonight.

- TNA Knockouts...