...throughout his promo.

Another video showing Dixie Carters involvement with AJ Styles, and the bounty she had put on him. It also showed the confrontation from the previous Impact Wrestling episode during Bully and AJ's contract signing.

- TNA World Heavyweight Championship, No Disqualification:

AJ Styles vs Bully Ray(c)

AJ Styles took time to make his entrance, allowing his "No One" music to play. The music did not change to "The Phenomenal One" this time after taking his hood down. The crowd were firmly behind AJ Styles. Bully Ray entered with a modified version of the Aces and Eights theme.

Jeremy Borash handled the official main event announcement on this occasion, with Earl Hebner introduced as the referee for the contest.

Bully Ray talked down to AJ, saying he was afraid of him. Ray controlled the pace in the beginning, keeping it slow and methodical. After some trash talk, AJ Styles became well motivated and upped the pace. AJ Styles put the calf killer on Ray only for Garrett Bischoff to come down and interfere. The distraction allowed Bully to get a hammer, which he tried to use but AJ kicked him before he could. AJ tried to hit him with it but Bully stopped it.

Bully began mocking Hulk Hogan. AJ Styles willed Bully on to chop him harder, and to hit him harder after taking a beating. His chest flamed up from the hard shots. Knux came into the ring and choke slammed AJ Styles.

After AJ kicked out at two, Bully blamed Knux and Earl Hebner for it, which gave AJ time to recover. Bully kicked AJ hard to the outside.

AJ got Bully Ray onto the table on the outside, AJ attempted a 450 splash from the top rope but Bully Ray moved, leaving AJ to crash and burn through the table. Taz handed Bully a blade to cut the ring apart and tear the ring covering off. "ECW" chants from the crowd. Bully Ray called his boys out, but Dixie Carter came out instead. She handed him a chair which AJ used against Ray. Springboard 450! Earl Hebner told not to count the pinfall by Dixie but went ahead anyway, only a two count.

Bully Ray backdropped AJ onto the bare wood after Styles tried to hit the Styles Clash. Vicious chair shots followed. AJ managed to come back with a Pele kick and a chair shot of his own. AJ styles hit the Spiral Tap!

1 .. 2 .. 3!

WINNER: AJ Styles - NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Five new champions crowned on the night. Major change in the air. AJ Styles back on top after years of hard times. AJ Styles finished the PPV celebrating with the crowd, as Dixie Carter looked on in horror.