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Steve Borden
  • Birthdate: 03/20/1959 (age 56)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Sting is best known for his tenure in World Cha...

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Event: TNA Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, October 20th, 2013 (Pay-Per-View)

Location: The Viejas Arena in San Diego, California

TNA Bound For Glory Opener:

The show opens with a video package the spends a lot of time focusing on AJ Styles and his long history in TNA, as well as his recent trials and tribulations leading up to this match.

No pyro, but Tenay welcomes us to the premiere TNA event of the year, Bound for Glory. He immediately begins speculating about the Styles/Bully Ray match, before throwing it to the ring for the Ultimate X Match.

Ultimate X for the TNA X Division Title

Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe vs. Manik

The bell rings and Sabin goes right to climb the turnbuckle. Everyone stares at him, and Sabin backs off and goes to the floor. Sabin yanks Aries out of the ring while everyone else fights on the inside. Aries slams Sabin’s head into the steel structure on the outside. Everyone else follows to the outside and brawls while Sabin and Manik head back into the ring. Sabin catches Manik in the tree of woe and stomps on his crotch. Joe pulls Sabin down and hits him with a nasty series of right hands. Joe sends Sabin in the corner and follows with a splash enzugiri combo. Joe hits the snap mare and chops his back before kicking his chest. Joe runs right into a springboard dropkick from Manik. Aries and Hardy climb up the structure while Manik mounts Sabin with punches in the corner. Aries tries to scale the ropes, but Hardy pulls him down and Manik tosses him to the outside.

Manik hits a double hurricanrana on Hardy and Sabin before locking in the octopus, then a modified sharpshooter on Sabin. Aries comes in, breaks it up, and hits a kneebreaker belly to back suplex combination. Aries goes to climb the ropes again and Hardy pulls him down, hitting a crazy throw, tossing Aries across the ring face first into the mat.

Hardy heads to the outside and pulls out a ladder. Joe hits the ropes and takes out Hardy with an elbow suicida. Joe picks up the ladder, but is caught with a baseball slide from Sabin. Manik hits Sabin with a dropkick out to the apron. Aries heads to the top and dives to the outside to take out Joe and Manik. Aries heads into the ring and props himself up lazily in the corner, posing, before heading back up to the ropes. Manik slides in and pulls Aries down to the mat. Aries and Manik trade uppercuts, and Manik backs Aries into the corner. Manik catches Aries with a boot, then hits Sabin with both boots. Sabin tosses Manik into a hurricanrana on Aries. Manik hits a springboard hurricanrana, taking Sabin and himself over the top rope to the outside.

Joe punches away at Aries in the corner, taking him down to the mat. Joe seats Aries on the top turnbuckle and tries for the musclebuster, but Aries counters into a sloppy crucifix bomb. Aries hits Hardy with the corner dropkick, then hits Joe with the same move. Aries hits Hardy with another dropkick, then does the same to Joe. Aries tries for the brainbuster on Joe, but Joe counters into a rear naked choke. Joe swings Aries around before tossing him across the ring. Manik goes for the ropes, but Joe grabs his legs and yanks him down into an atomic drop before hitting a big boot and senton splash.

Sabin comes in out of nowhere with a dropkick to Joe. Sabin tosses Hardy into the corner, and Hardy kicks Sabin away, then hits the whisper in the wind. Hardy rolls to the outside, and goes back for the ladder, bringing it into the ring. Hardy sets the ladder up under the belt, and climbs, but Joe is up on the other side, and he slams Hardy’s face into the ladder to knock him off. Aries knocks Joe off the ladder with a top rope dropkick. Manik springboards and catches the ropes and Aries climbs the ladder. Aries and Manik meet in the middle, but Sabin tips over the ladder and sends both men crashing into the ropes.

Sabin picks up Hardy and shoulders him, tossing him out in a front slam. Sabin poses before trying for a superkick. Hardy blocks it and counters into a twist of fate, sending Sabin from the ring. Sabin is telling Velvet to get into the ring and stop Hardy, eventually tossing her into the ring. Sky is apologetic to Hardy, and Sabin uses the distraction to climb the ladder. Sabin takes down the title, knocks Hardy from the ladder,...