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Steve Borden
  • Birthdate: 03/20/1959 (age 56)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Sting is best known for his tenure in World Cha...

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...and is knocked from the ladder by Manik.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

Sabin bails and celebrates with his title and a very reluctant looking Velvet Sky while everyone else looks on disappointed in the ring.

- The ring clears and the crew goes to work dismantling the Ultimate X structure. Tenay and Taz turn talk to Bully Ray and AJ Styles. They discuss the No DQ, No Count-out stipulation. Taz says that Styles is in trouble, and Tenay asks if this may be the last night we see Styles in TNA. Tenay says all through the night we’re going to re-live AJ Styles moments. This leads into clips from AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn from 2002 when AJ Styles beat Lynn to become the X-Division Champion.

- Video is shown from earlier today of AJ Styles arriving at the arena for the show.

In the Arena:

Back into the arena, and Bad Influence make their way out to the ring. Tenay says we’re scheduled for the World Tag Team Championship match between BroMans, and James Storm and Gunner. Kaz has a mic and he says not since the premiere of Brokeback Mountain have two men been screwed more than Bad Influence. The fact that they aren’t wrestling for the titles is an embarrassment, not only to TNA, but to them, the best tag team in the business, and to each and every one of the turds in attendance. Daniels says this is Bound for Glory, the PPV that is supposed to celebrate that which is TNA, and despite the fact that TNA has treated them like the step-children of the company, they are TNA. They are the best tag team this company has ever seen, and Daniels knows a way that TNA can make it up to them. Fact: tonight, Bad Influence beat Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Fact: Eric Young and Joe Pancake aren’t a tag team, but a fisherman and a lawyer, so their win shouldn’t count. And third, the company like to throw curveballs and throw people into the match at the last minute, and based on their pristine record, Bad Influence should be added to the card tonight.

BI is interrupted by Eric Young who makes his way to the ring wearing trunks and a backwards baseball cap. Young tells BI that he’s not a trouble maker. He doesn’t feel bad, he doesn’t want a match, he’s already beaten them once tonight. Young says he’s here on official, scientific business. He’s a scientist. BI did something earlier, they created a monster. Everyone here and EY know, and BI are the only two that don’t realize that they should run. Young tells them to run. Daniels shake Young’s hand, then attacks while he’s shaking Kaz’s hand. They stop when Abyss’ music hits, and the monster returns.

Abyss heads into the ring and takes out both Daniels and Kaz with clotheslines. Abyss hits the black hole slam on Daniels. Abyss misses a punch on Kaz, but connects with another black hole slam. Abyss stares down Young, and walks over to him in the corner. Eric begs off, but Abyss offers his hand. Abyss helps Young to his feet and smiles. Abyss poses for the fans before Tenay sends it to the back.


JB is backstage and he says they’re reading the feedback on Twitter as it comes in. He introduces his guests, James Storm and Gunner. Gunner says BroMans earned their title shot tonight. But he tells them not to worry about their tan, gym, their girl, or dancing. They call themselves the BroMans, but Gunner sees people who aren’t ready. Storm says BroMans were lucky, but they should be good. Storm tells BroMans that he’s sorry about their damn luck.

TNA Tag Team Title Match

The BroMans vs. Gunner and James Storm

Things break down into a brawl immediately as Storm doesn’t even take his belt off before they’re attacking. Storm and Gunner team up on Robbie before picking up Jesse and throwing him into Robbie. Robbie and Jesse bail, and Gunner backdrops Storm over the top and to the outside, wiping out both men. Storm catches Jesse with a big right hand, then follows up with a giant hip toss. Storm works over the arm before tagging out to Gunner. Gunner hits Kesse with a couple of big clubbing blows and a back elbow for two. Jesse gets caught in the corner with a running knee to the gut that Gunner follows up with a slingshot suplex for two.

Gunner takes the fight to Jesse in the corner, chopping away at his chest. Gunner ends up tossed in the corner, but connects with another back elbow and catches Robbie