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Steve Borden
  • Birthdate: 03/20/1959 (age 55)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Sting is best known for his tenure in World Cha...

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...with a right. Jesse pulls Gunner off the ropes and makes the tag to Robbie. BroMans throw Gunner into the corner hard before Robbie mounts Gunner with a series of punches. Robbie and Jesse use quick tags to distract the ref and score quick strikes and cheap shot opportunities. Jesse pulls Gunner to the mat by his hair, tags out to Robbie, and Robbie goes right for the rear chin lock. Gunner tries to connect with the backslide, but Jesse comes in with a dropkick and takes out Gunner.

Robbie pushes at Gunner’s face and head, taunting and slapping him. Gunner fights out of the opposing corner, hitting Robbie with a nasty running knee. Jesse sends Storm from the corner, and prevents a tag. Robbie drops a knee over Gunner’s throat, and tags back out to Jesse. Jesse comes in with a series of stomps to Gunner’s face, sending him into the corner and following up with a sidewalk slam. Jesse heads up to the middle rope, but he’s stopped by Gunner. Gunner goes up after Jesse and hits a huge fall away slam off the second rope, launching Jesse across the ring, and both men are down.

Both men make the tag and Storm takes it right to Robbie, hitting him and Jesse both with non-stop offense. Storm sends Robbie into the corner and is backdropped to the apron, but he catches Robbie with a kick to the back of the head. Storm hits a running neckbreaker on Robbie for two. Jesse attacks Storm from behind, and Gunner attacks Jesse. Gunner is double teamed and sent from the ring, and Jesse and Robbie seat Storm on the top turnbuckle. BroMans try for a double superplex, but Gunner takes Robbie away with an electric chair drop, and Storm hits a super-front-plex, launching Jesse on Robbie. Storm follows up with a leg drop for two. Robbie doesn’t die and even counter the eye of the Storm with a DDT for two.

Storm somehow was cut on his leg, but it’s not very significant. Gunner hits Robbie with a huge across the knee backbreaker. Gunner tries for the Gun rack, but Jesse pulls him out. Gunner wipes out Jesse before hitting Robbie with two powerbombs, the second of which, Storm joins in for. Jesse breaks up a pin attempt and trades blows with Storm, eating a big lungblower. Robbie has the belt on the outside and he tosses it into the ring. While the ref’s back is turned, Robbie launches himself from the second rope with a forearm to the back of Storm’s head. BroMans hit a Hart attack double team spinebuster for three, and there’s new champs.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: BroMans

Mr. Olympia celebrates with Robbie and Jesse, but we don’t see much of it as we cut to footage from last night’s induction ceremony for Kurt Angle to TNA’s Hall of Fame.

In the Arena:

JB is in the ring, he says that now it is time to make Angle’s induction into the Hall of Fame. He says the man who will induct Angle into the Hall of Fame will be its first member, Sting. Sting’s music hits, and the Icon makes his way out to a big pop from the crowd.

Sting says the crowd is great and says it’s good to be in San Diego. Sting says entering the Hall of Fame is something he’ll never forget. Being acknowledged by the fans is something he’ll never forget. And now they’re inducting Kurt Angle who brought home Olympic Gold in 1996, and then transitioned into professional wrestling and skyrocketed to the top. Sting says there’s not any veteran of any era that doesn’t respect Angle. Sting says it’s also great the he’s a family man with a beautiful wife and children who are here tonight. Sting asks the fans to give it up for Kurt Angle. Angle’s music hits, and the man of the hour makes his way to the ring with a big smile on his face to a great reaction from the fans.

Sting hands the mic off to Angle and exits the ring, giving him his moment. Angle soaks in the chants before thanking the crowd. Angle says he’s been blessed with a lifetime full of amazing memories. Angle says he’d like to thank God, his family, and the fans. This induction means more to Angle than the fans will ever know. The fans chant ‘thank you Angle’, and Angle thanks them right back. Angle says the love and respect he’s had from the wrestlers and TNA management, he can’t describe in words as it’d do no justice.

Sting says he shared it last night, but he’ll share it here tonight. Sting