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Steve Borden
  • Birthdate: 03/20/1959 (age 56)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Sting is best known for his tenure in World Cha...

Read More » lonesome in the Hall of Fame all by himself, so let’s make it official here and now. Sting hands Angle a present, and Angle pulls out a Hall of Fame watch, a gift for his induction. Angle looks at the watch and looks humbled. The fans chant ‘you deserve it’. Angle says hearing what Sting said, and the response from the crowd makes him realize how important this ceremony is, and the responsibility that goes with it. Angle says he’s let himself, his family, and his peers down.

Angle says he hasn’t lived up to his potential, and the standard that Sting has set for the Hall of Fame, which is why Angle is going to respectfully decline this Hall of Fame induction. Angle is going to set a new standard for the industry. What he’s done in the past is nothing to what he’ll accomplish and the future, and Angle will join Sting in the Hall of fame, when he’s worthy. Angle hugs Sting, and Sting hugs him back as Angle tries to fight back tears.

- We get another AJ Styles moment, and this time it’s AJ Styles beating Kurt Angle for the World Title in 2009 at No Surrender.


Dixie Carter is shown backstage taking a phone call. She says she’s got a great idea. Since tonight is Styles’ last night, she wants to see his merchandise discounted so she doesn’t have to see it anymore. EC3 comes in and Dixie says she’s picked the perfect opponent for him for tonight, and she’s excited to see him debut.

TNA Knockouts Title Match

Brooke vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB

The bell rings and Brooke makes fun of ODB’s hair and clothes. ODB blocks a punch and clotheslines Brooke, the clotheslines Kim. ODB hits a fall away slam on Brooke, the runs into Kim in the corner, sending her into the corner, then out to the apron and floor. Brooke catches ODB in the corner, stomping away at her and posing before rubbing her behind in OSB’s face. ODB pops right up and chest bumps Brooke into the corner before following up with the bronco buster.

Kim is in and tries for a roll up on ODB, but ODB kicks out and fights right back. Kim is able to send ODB into the corner, but Brooke hits Kim with a giant pounce that sends her crashing to the outside. Brooke mounts ODB in the corner and hits a huge facebuster out of the corner, planting ODB’s face in the mat. Brooke rips away at ODB’s face in the ropes before crashing down with all her weight on ODB’s back. Brooke hits a couple of crossface clubbing blows, but ODB backs Brooke into the corner to get her off her back. Brooke comes right back, sending ODB to the mat and kicking her back before hitting a big neckbreaker. Brook grabs ODB by the hair then hits another neckbreaker that’s good for a two count. Brooke slams ODB’s face into the mat, but when she hits the ropes, Kim grabs her legs.

Kim wraps Brooke’s legs around the ring post and locks in a figure four around the ring post for a bit. Kim breaks the hold and heads into the ring. Brooke hits Kim with a kick, and ODB runs right into Kim, bouncing her from the ring. Brooke hits ODB with a couple of forearms, but ODB fights right back, shouldering Brooke. Brooke turns it into a roll up for two, but ODB catches Brooke right in a single leg Boston crab. Brooke crawls to the ropes, but ODB sits back. Kim is in the ring and she breaks up the hold. Kim mounts ODB and blasts her with a series of forearms before she heads to the top turnbuckle. Brooke meets her and the top and the two ladies trade right hands. ODB heads up in the corner as well and tries for a double suplex, but Kim and Brooke fight it off and Brooke pushes ODB to the mat. Kim hits ODB with a missile dropkick, and Brooke drops and elbow from the top rope.

Everyone is slow to get up and ODB hits both women with a series of shoulder blocks. ODB hits Kim with a delayed duplex that’s good for two, but the pin is broken up by Brooke. ODB sends Brooke into the corner, but accidentally splashes the ref. Kim catches the ref with a running kick to the head and the ref falls to the floor. ODB seats Brooke on the top rope. OSB shoulders Kim and gets Brooke on there too, but not for long. ODB takes Brooke out, then sends Kim crashing down on top of her. Lei’d Tapa’s