Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 61)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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Event: TNA Destination X Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, July 8th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)

Location: The iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, FL

Results by Richard Gray

The show opens with a video package highlighting the Aries/Roode main event for the TNA World Title, as well as the X Division theme of tonight’s PPV.

The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show. He immediately begins hyping the fact that there will be a new X Division Champion crowned tonight before turning his attention to the main event. Tenay and JB run down the card, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty good show on paper.

“Last Chance” Fourway Match to determine the final qualifier for the TNA X Division Championship Tournament

- Dakota Darsow vs. Rubix vs. Lars Only vs. Mason Andrews

The entrances:

The Last Chance qualifying match for the Ultimate X match is going to open the show as Rubix is the first wrestler to make his way out for the match. Mason Andrews is the next man to the ring.

Lars Only is out next to a bit of heat, and Dakota Darsow is the final man to head to the ring, also getting a bit of heat from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and Darsow and Only are sent to the floor. Mason and Rubix square off in the ring with a bit of chain wrestling around on the mat. Rubix hits a low dropkick that sends Mason out to the floor. Only comes in from behind and hits a hurricanrana to send Rubix to the outside. Darsow is in and he eats a couple of arm drags from Only.

Mid-match notes:

Darsow fights up and slams Only to the mat before sending Rubix and Andrews from the apron and turning back to Only with a series of elbow drops. Darsow takes Only into the corner, whipping him across the ring, but he’s rolled up. Only rolls from the ring and Rubix hits a top rope cross body to Darsow out of nowhere. Darsow is able to retaliate by throwing Rubix to the mat and hitting a sit out front suplex for two. Only pops into the match and gets caught in a submission from Darsow. Mason comes in and kicks him in the face. Only tries to spear Darsow through the ropes, but both men have a bit of a tough time and end up tangled in the ropes. Mason busts out a beautiful dive to the outside on top of Only and Darsow. Rubix, not to be outdone, does a nice flippy back dive.

Rubix rolls Andrews back into the ring, but he’s caught up in an arm bar. Rubix fights to the ropes, and Kid Kash is shown watching on in the back. Andrews transitions into a kimura but it’s broken up by Only. Only hits a stunner/neckbreaker combo on Andrews and Jigsaw with a kick to Darsow for good measure. Only locks Andrews in a front face lock, but it’s broken up by Darsow. Only sends Darsow from the ring, but he’s pushed into the corner by Mason. Mason runs into Only’s boot. Only heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Darsow.

Andrews kicks Darsow in the face and heads up after Only. Andrews hits a superplex and Darsow powerbombs them both. Rubix hits a coast to coast corner dropkick to Andrews, springboarding out of nowhere, and everyone is down.

The finish:

Darsow hits Mason with a neckbreaker. Rubix hits Darsow with a kick. Only plants Rubix’s face into the canvas and Rubix falls to the outside. Only turns to Andrews, fighting off a move, but catching a knee to the face, and a big cutter. Andrews pins Only, and he gets the three.

Winner and Qualifier for Ultimate X later tonight: Mason Andrews

TNA X Division Championship Tournament Match

- Kid Kash vs. Mason Andrews

The start:

Kid Kash runs down to the ring and goes right to work on Andrews. Kash beats on Andrews around the ring before bringing Mason back into the ring and standing on his chest for a pin.

Mid-match notes:

Mason is able to kick out at two, but Kash mounts him and rains down punches. Kash goes for a couple more pins, but Mason won’t stay down. Kash sends Andrews into the ropes, but Andrews comes up with a couple of beautiful dropkicks. Andrews goes for a crucifix pin, but Kash kicks out. Kash hots shots Andrews on the top rope.

Kash slaps away at Andrews. Andrews tries to fight back, but Kash simply kicks him in the chest for another two count. Kash takes Andrews into the ropes and...