Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 61)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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...back of the neck before clamping on a rear chin lock, then clapping Ray’s head with his forearms. Aries mocks Hulk Hogan before hitting Ray with a running knee.

Aries mocks Hogan again before hitting the leg drop for another two count. Ray comes back with a series of overhand chops to Aries’ chest before simply pressing Aries above his head and dropping him. Ray hits the ropes and hits Aries with a splash, but misses a charging splash in the corner. Ray catches a charging Aries and drops him on the top turnbuckle with snake eyes. Ray heads to the top, but Aries stops him. Aries heads up after Ray, but he’s shoved back to the mat. Ray leaps off the second rope with a giant missile dropkick that sends Aries across the ring. Ray charges Aries but heads right into a low bridge and he falls to the outside.

Aries tries for the heat seeking missile, but Ray gets his foot up to stop the move. Back in the ring, Ray gets a two count, but when he shoulders Aries, Aries pulls him back with a crucifix. Aries catches Ray with a kick to the top of the head, and then the corner dropkick. Aries tries for the brainbuster, but Ray pops Aries up and hits him with the bubba cutter on the way down. Ray goes for the pin, but Aries gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin. Aries drops out to the floor.

Ray heads out after Aries, but eat a drop toe hold that sends him face first into the ring steps. Aries heads back into the ring, and Bully is split open. Aries heads to the top rope and hits Ray with a flying elbow to the top of the head. Aries stands over Ray on the ring apron and hits him with a series of rights to the forehead. Aries heads to the top rope and Brooke Hogan runs down to the ring. She grabs Ray’s face until Aries grabs her by the hand and drags her into the ring.

Brooke cowers away from Aries, but Ray grabs Aries from behind and tosses him from the ring. Ray checks on Brooke as Hulk heads down to the ring. Ray tells Hulk he needs to get Brooke out of there, and Hulk leads Brooke away by the hand. Aries sneaks in from behind and hits Bully with a low blow, putting him down for the three count.

Winner: Austin Aries

- We get a video package highlighting the return of Velvet Sky. She says that even though it’s not here yet, 2013 will be the year of Velvet Sky. She’s been knocked down a lot, but stands taller than ever.


JB is standing backstage to interview another Knockout, Tara, accompanied by her boyfriend Jesse. Tara says Velvet who? She says it should be about her. She’s been focusing on her match. Jessie says he’s been getting a lot of tweets about the match tonight, he reads off a couple to Tara. Jessie says they’ll be partying all day tomorrow because of her win tonight. Tara says she’s going to beat Mickie James so bad she’ll be embarrassed to show her face.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Tara vs. Mickie James

The bell rings and Tara and Mickie circle before locking up. Tara puts on a head lock, taking Mickie down to her knees. Mickie rolls out of it and clamps on a head lock of her own, taking Tara down to the mat. Tara fights out locking Mickie’s head between her legs. Mickie gets to her feet, but Tara kicks her in the gut and goes to work on Mickie’s arm, pulling her in for short shoulder blocks. Mickie tries to fight out of it, but Tara pulls her to the mat by her hair. Mickie retaliates by doing the same thing before tossing Tara across the ring by her hair. Jesse standing on the apron to check on Tara, and it lets Mickie score a quick two count with a roll up. Mickie hits a Northern lights suplex for another two count, but Tara comes back, backing Mickie up into the corner and beating on her.

Mickie comes back with a hurricanrana, but when she calls for the DDT, Jesse pulls Mickie out of the ring. Mickie hits a dropkick through the ropes, wiping out both Mickie and Jesse. Mickie sends Tara back into the ring, but she’s caught with a kick to the chest when she heads back in herself. Tara heads out after Mickie and drops her face first on the ring apron. Tara brings things back into the ring and stomps away at