Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 61)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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...Mickie, wrapping her up by her hair and lifting her off her feet before dropping her to the mat. Tara tries for the widow’s peak, but Mickie reverses into a roll up, but Jesse is distracting the ref. Tara hits the spider web sidewalk slam, which is good for a two count.

Tara locks in a body scissors, but Mickie is quick to fight out of it. Tara yanks Mickie down to the mat by her hair. Mickie kicks Tara away and gets to her feet, hitting Tara with a series of rights, then clotheslines and a running elbow. Mickie hits Tara with a kick to the gut, and a big enzugiri. Mickie crawls over into the cover, getting a two count for her efforts. Tara pushes Mickie away, but Mickie tosses Tara to the outside into the waiting arms of Jesse. Mickie heads to the top and dives out to take out Tara with a Thesz press. Mickie takes Tara back into the ring, hitting Jesse with a kick on her way back in. Tara catches Mickie with the widow’s peak, covering her and getting the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara


JB is backstage, getting his Twitter fix on before doing anything else, naturally. Bobby Roode comes in to join JB, shrugging off JB’s question about his relationship with Aces and 8′s. For most of 2012, Roode was the most dominant champion in TNA history. When Austin Aries defeated him, he promised himself he’d do everything to get his World Title back. And tonight he’s prove that what he says is a fact, and it pays to be rude. He’s a businessman, and his business is the World Championship. Roode tells Hardy to remember that money talks, and bull**** walks.

- We get a video package showing some of the destruction of Aces and 8′s over the past couple of weeks.

Aces and 8′s vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff

Devon and Joe look to kick things off, and Joe immediately chases Devon off and to the outside. Angle tries to calm Joe down, sending him out of the ring. Devon attacks from behind, hitting Angle with a series of rights and fighting him into the corner. Devon whips Angle across the ring but runs right into a back elbow, and then a big clothesline from Angle. Angle slams Devon’s head into the corner before suplexing him over hard. Angle pins Devon for two. Joe tags in and Devon makes his way out of the ring quickly, tagging out to DOC. DOC and Joe trade rights with Joe getting an immediate advantage, jabbing DOC into oblivion in the corner. Joe whips him across the ring and charges in after with a splash, and enzugiri combo.

Garrett tags in and DOC tags right out to the armbreaker (I think). Armbreaker takes it to Garrett until Garrett comes back with a shoulder block. Wes tags into the ring and double teams Armbreaker with Garrett, leaping off Bischoff’s back for a splash in the corner. Mystery Man tags into the ring and runs into a flapjack from Wes. Wes tags out to Joe who comes in and kicks away at MM, dropping him to the mat. Joe hits MM with a snap mare, chop to the spine, and a knee drop. Joe goes after the other members of Aces and 8′s and ends up jumped on the outside.

Devon tags back into the match and fights of an offensive flurry from Joe with a poke to the eye. Devon tags out to DOC who comes in with a splash, then repeatedly elbows Joe in the chest. MM chokes Joe against the ropes while the ref is distracted, then DOC takes Joe into the corner only to suplex him out. DOC clamps on a rear chin lock, leaning on Joe. Joe fights to his feet and out of the hold, but he runs right into a giant back elbow that’s good for a two count for DOC. DOC takes Joe into his corner and tags in Devon. Devon hits Joe with a couple of punches to the gut before taking him to the mat and clamping on a nerve hold.

Joe fights to his feet, but he runs right into a big leaping shoulder block from Devon. Devon is able to make the tag to Armbreaker, who comes in and beats on Joe in the corner, dropping him down with a series of clubbing blows. The big man tags out to Mystery Man, who comes in and watches as his partner eats a boot from Joe. He runs in, and ends up eating an STO out on top of his partner.