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Bobby Roode
Robert F. Roode, Jr.
  • Birthdate: 01/01/1977 (age 38)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 240 Ib

Bobby Roode is a two-time TNA World Heavyweight...

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Welcome to the very first Impact of 2014. The show is airing from Orlando, Florida.

We are welcomed by Mike Tenay and list us our matches for scheduled for tonight.

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring to kick off the show. Kurt says that the reason he declined the TNA hall of fame is so he could prove that he is the best. He says they call me a cyborg but not in 2013. He says he has some big plans for 2014. Booby Roode interrupts and comes down to the ring. He ask the fans if we are about to witness Kurt Angle’s retirement speech. Bobby says that Angle should walk away and do him a favor by saying that Roode is better than Kurt Angle. Kurt says he is not leaving but he is saying that he will kick ass in 2014. He says he is challenging him to one more match. Roode explodes about the challenge and says no. Roode says he has nothing else to prove to anyone. He has beaten that he is better than Angle and Kurt is not hall of fame worthy. Roode is about to leave but hesitates and says unless on one term. He says if Angle loses, then he will have to leave and never accepts a TNA HOF ceremony. Angle says it will be a genesis but Angle has a stipulation as well. He wants the match in a steel cage. Roode accepts and both men start brawling. Rockstar Spud says this night will not be ruined and tonight they will fight in a tag team match tonight.

- Commercial Break-

Gail Kim calls out Madison Rayne out to the ring and her match is next.

Madison Rayne Vs. Gail Kim

Madison Rayne nails a cross body and is all over Kim. Rayne with several kicks in the corner followed by a break from the referee. She hits a spear and several right hands. Referee breaks it up and is thrown back by her hair. Kim with right hands in a mounted position. Kim shoots off the ropes but reversed and Rayne lands a neck-breaker. Rayne feeds off the crowd, she shoots off the ropes but dragged out of the ring by Led’i Tapa to the floor. Back in the ring, Kim covers her for a 2 count. Kim, who is frustrated, slams Rayne face into the mat then locks in a odd neck submission. Rayne fights out, she lands elbows to the ribs. Kim with a hair toss kills Rayne momentum and throws her into the corner. She uses the ropes to her advantage then goes for “Eat defeat” and Rayne reverse into a roll up. Both girls goes for a clothesline and both connects with it. They trade right hands,Rayne gets the advantage and lands several clothesline followed by a drop kick. Rayne shoots off the ropes with a big boot. Rayne with a splash in the corner followed by a head take over but blocked and slammed down hard from the top rope. Kim talks trash while she is down, She goes for “Eat defeat” and Rayne reverse into a roll up for the win.

Winner: Rayne in 5:05

Chris Sabin says if Velvet Sky interrupts or distracts him during his match, then he will leave her.

-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle finds a partner for his match tonight and it’s Gunner.

X Division Title Match: Austin Aries © Vs. Chris Sabin

“Shelly’s better” chants break out, they lock up but Sabin backs in the corner to get a kiss. Aries with a splash in the corner then a neck submission but Sabin gets out and argue with Velvet Sky. Sabin back on the apron where Aries rams him head first in the corner and lands a elbow for a near fall. Aries with a leg lock submission but Sabin gets out via pin fall attempt. Sabin sends him to the apron but eats a shoulder to the ribs. Sabin with a splash off the ropes for a near fall. The champion gets frustrated while he lands a elbow to the top of the head. Sabin hits a suplex off a reversal and lands the boots to the ropes. Sabin puts him upside down in the corner but Aries fights out and lands a bull dog off the top rope. Aries with forearm shots but Sabin with a kick to the midsection. Aries with a forearm shot than send shim outside and connects with a double sledge off the top rope. Aries on the top rope, he hits a missile drop kick followed by a drop kick in the corner but before he can. Velvet distracts him and with the referee’s back turned, Sabin kicks him...