Dixie Carter comes out with a Welcome back AJ Styles banner behind her. She says the future is a legend & that man that conquered the world title. AJ Styles is welcomed to the ring by the president. Dixie says that she is ready to pay & it all starts tonight. She will give him a private dressing room all decked to the finest things. She has a brand new Camaro by the stage for him. She says that she feels like she paid & is ready to move on. AJ says that just because she bought a car, steak, watch & other stuff but he is not buying it. AJ says that he earned everything & the last thing is to separate locker room from the boys. He says that it all started when she bet against him & she lost. Dixie admits that she wasn't very lady like when she called for the rematch title match tonight but he doesn't have to do that & go somewhere fun. Bully Ray interrupts them & it leads to a commercial break.

Back from break with AJ telling Bully not to say a word. He says that he is the champion & bully is the challenger. AJ says that if she thinks that he will get on the Dixie train then she is dumber than he thought. He said that he is ready to defend the title & beat him tonight. Bully says that AJ got lucky at BFG because there is no way a kid like him could beat a guy like him. He blames the referee & says that he kicked out but the referee didn't see it. AJ fires back with saying that Aces & Eights can’t help Ray tonight because they proved that at Bound for Flory. Ray sucker punches AJ then attacks him with a poster & a poster stand. The lights go out & Mr. Anderson music hits. He runs to the ring & they start brawling. Ray leaves the ring to end the segment.

Mr. Anderson is in the ring & says that he has missed Bully Ray. Anderson says that his neck feels good & watched what Bully Ray has done. He adds that the boys are tired of it, His question to the fans if we are getting tired of it. They chant Yes Yes Yes. Dixie Carter comes out with security & she says to handcuff him to get him out of her ring. He attacks two of them then toys with the other ones. They eventually handcuff him after he lets him & walk him to the back.

Kurt Angle is shown arriving to the arena.

We get a highlight video package of the Knockouts title match.

Gail Kim & Brooke Vs. Velvet Sky & ODB

ODB brings Brooke in the hard way then a clothesline. She throws her in the corner & connects with the bronco buster. Brooke goes outside & Brooke grabs Gail’s hair but Brooke brings her outside then back in the ring. Gail is tagged in but ODB fights back with right hands but Gail brings her back to the ring & Brooke with kicks. Brooke goes for the punches in the corner but pushed off. Velvet gets the tag as well as Gail but velvet with several clotheslines. Velvet with a head take over, she hits a big kick then a neck breaker for 2 with Brooke breaking it up. ODB spears Brooke & it spills to the floor. Gail tries to bring in a chair but Led’I hits a big boot as the referee isn’t looking. Gail covers her for the win.

Winner: Gail & Brooke

The Bro-Mans are in the back spraying & drying their hair screaming Boom!

Ethan Carter 3 Vs. Dewey Barnes

A big take down by E3C, He lands some chops in the corner then a hip toss. A massive boot in the corner. Dewey with right hands & nails a missile drop kick. E3C hits a face plant (His Finisher) for the win.

Winner: E3C

After the match he says the world needs a carter.

We get a Magnus Vs. Sting highlights from BFG. There In the back talking & Magnus apologize about not shaking his hand after the match. They shake hands.

We get Kurt Angle Hall of Fame speech highlights with Kurt turning it down.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring, He starts explaining that he got knocked out by his own finisher but Bobby Roode interrupts him. Bobby says the reason he didn't accept the HOF is because he knew that he couldn't beat Roode. Bobby brings up two years ago at BFG that he lost against angle. Kurt challenges him...