We see Dixie Carter walking with Pac man Jones for the Bengals. Mr. Anderson interrupts them. He says he wants a match with bully ray. She tells him if he wants the match to call out Ray himself.

Back in the arena we have the Main Event Mafia come down to the ring. Sting says he has brought back the Mafia for two reasons. 1 to get rid of Bully Ray of being world champion & the 2nd is to get rid of Aces & 8’s. Sting says they have talked & the Mafia are going back on the shelf. He says that Kurt Angle will become world champion again & the same thing goes for Joe. As for Magnus he will become champion for the first time. He says that for himself, he is going after entitlement people. Like for people who don’t have to pay any dues & “no respect for this business”. He hugs each guy & leaves the ring. Joe gets on the microphone; he says that he will go through all three men for the world title. Joe adds there friends but better as enemies. Magnus calls Angle the greatest of all time but his road to redemption interrupts his road to destiny. Magnus says he will go through Joe & if he meets Angle then he will mow him down. He wants world championship gold. Kurt says that he went against doctor’s order to face Bobby Roode but he talked to his doctor & he had great news. Roode interrupts him, Bobby says that its insane what Angle is saying. Bobby says that Angle should admit that he lost to him twice of the “it Factor”. He says that he is moving on to better things like the world champion tournament and if he gets to the finals then he will have no problem kicking his ass for the third time. Kurt fires back, he says he faces Austin Aries next week & does expect to face Roode later. He says his ass is his but maybe he doesn't want to wait. Angle attacks him & they start brawling to end the segment.

Back from break, Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode are still fighting. They come down to the ring and TNA Officials try to break it up. Eventually the officials break it up with the help of the other wrestlers.

Bad influence who came down to break up the brawl, went to ring side. They started exchanging words with Pac Man Jones and his friend. They brawled in the ring but Jones and his friend ended up suplex Bad Influence.

Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin are shown arriving in the arena earlier today.

Knux and Garrett Bischoff are shown walking backstage. MR. Anderson comes to meet them, he says he gets that they had to do what they had to do to him. He says the best thing to happen to him is getting rid of those colors. He tells them to get out of the club.

#1 Contender for the Knockouts Title Match: Velvet Sky Vs. Brooke Vs. ODB

They start the match with Velvet & Brooke shaking their ass until ODB tackles Brooke. She throws both women in the corner and bronco buster them in the corner for 2 count. ODB with a suplex but Brooke rolls her up for 2. Brooke throws Sky into ODB chest, she lands right hands then an Irish whip into the ropes but Sky comes off with clothesline. Sky with some kicks then a neck breaker for 2 as ODB breaks it up. ODB with a big power slam on Sky. Brooke with some right hands to ODB followed by a neck breaker. Brooke goes to the top rope, she hits the elbow. Gail Kim and Led’i Tapa comes to the ring leading into commercial break.

Back from break with All three women chopping each other’s chest. ODB gets the better of the three, she locks in a half crab submission but Sky grabs the other leg as both women have a leg. They argue then exchange chops, Sky gets the better but when she comes off the ropes she eats a shoulder block. ODB suplex Brooke onto Sky. ODB goes out of the ring to argue with Gail Kim and Brooke attacks her from behind. Sky gets both girls back in the ring and covers both of them but both for only two count. Brooke with a clothesline, she goes to the top rope and hits a cross body onto both women. Gail distracts sky and Brooke tries to get the advantage but sky fights back. Velvet is about to hit her finisher but Gail Kim attacks her from behind. Kim hits her finisher on Velvet and...