Welcome to live Impact! Coverage, we are airing from Orlando Florida.

We get a recap of the end of Impact when Last week of AJ Styles telling Dixie Carter to come and get her belt. Rock star spud is on his way to AJ Styles house but he is lost and confused. Been there and done that.

Back in the arena, JB is in the ring with four briefcases for “Feast or Fired”. He spins the wheel of Dixie for the stipulation for the finals of the World Title match. Kurt Angle comes down and wrecks the set. He calls out Bobby Roode to come out and fight! Bobby Roode comes to the stage; He asks him do you want to fight? Well too bad because it’s not going to happen. He says that if anyone, he should be mad about being eliminated by falling through a table. He says that he can beat Angle any day of the week and he owns him. Face the fact, I am better than Angle. Kurt says he will never beat him again and says that he can beat him twice in one night. He says were going to find out. They start brawling around the ring. Roode kicks him down stairs and tells Angle while he is down; they’re going to have a match next week in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

A recap video package is shown about Bad Influence knowing the truth about Joseph Parks.

Joseph Parks and Eric Young are seen talking backstage about their match tonight, EY says he has a plan for tonight.

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Joseph Parks and Eric Young Vs. Bad Influence

Eric Young and Daniels start things out, Daniels with a quick right hand then back and forth until EY catches him with a forearm. He tags in Parks who works the left arm but Daniels pokes him in the eyes, he misses an elbow in the corner and tags in Young. EY with a forearm but blocked, Kaz gets the tag but runs into a back body drop. EY with several right hands in the corner then tags in Joe Park, Kaz with a right hand then a drop kick that rocks him into the corner. Kaz with right hands and gets a tag to Daniels. A double team kick and splash move from Bad Influence. They control the match until Joe Park until EY who clears house. He sends them out of the ring then yells at Parks then punches him until he starts bleeding. Joe Park freaks out and attacks Bad Influence. Joe hits a choke slam then a huge back breaker with a mean face. Kaz tries to mount some offense but shoots off the ropes right into a black hold slam and that’s it folks.

Winners: Joseph Parks and Eric Young in 5:30

After the match, Eric Young got on the microphone and said it got crazy. EY says that he knows why he can’t find Abyss is because he is Abyss. Joe Park shakes his head in disbelief.

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Ethan Carter cuts a promo before his match; he says that Brian Hebner is ok this week. He says after last week, he wants to try something different tonight. He says that his opponent this week is Jeremy Borash. Sting comes out to the ring; he says I want to shake your hand. He kisses up to him but then gets serious. He says that EC3 has done nothing in this business and he is used to getting everything given to him but that cannot happen anymore. Sting hypes up “Feast or Fired” and tells EC3 to join the match or fight him right now. They stare off but EC3 asks him “this is the icon Sting? Wanting him to do something memorable, you are on!” They square off but EC3 says he will join “Feast or Fired” tonight.

Rockstar Spud is still looking for AJ Styles house. He finds where he lives from a gas station attendant.

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Gail Kim calls out her next opponent but ODD comes down to the ring. She says that she has already beaten her and to get out of the ring. ODB says that she isn’t out here to face Kim but to take on Led’I Tapa. She attacks them but eventually Tapa and Kim gets the advantage. They beat her down until Madison Rayne comes down to the ring to make the save. ODB and Rayne clear the ring and all four women stare off.

Rockstar Spud is shown arriving at a bar, he ask a bartender in a redneck voice where AJ Styles lives. They make a deal about if he buys a...