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Jeff Hardy
Jeffrey Nero Hardy
  • Birthdate: 08/31/1977 (age 39)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 215 Ib

Before gaining prominence in WWE, Hardy perform...

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Welcome to TNA Resolution, We are airing from Orlando, Florida.

Magnus comes down to the ring, He says he loves this business and that he is proud of the fact he made his living in America. He says that he is all about respect but he doesn’t know if it’s the same with Jeff Hardy. He says that Jeff Hardy has overcome a lot in his life but he has not gotten over greed. A video of Jeff and Dixie Carter having dinner is shown. He demands an apology and “don’t let Jeff hardy fool you” Hardy runs down to the ring and says how dare he accuse him of doing something he hasn’t. Magnus says that it is the biggest night of his life and he doesn’t forget 10-10-10 where Hardy turned on all of them. Magnus says that Hardy sold out when “he made a deal with the devil” Jeff interrupts him and he says “do not worry about mine” then walks out.

Kurt Angle does backstage interview about his match tonight.

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Best of Three Falls: Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

A technical start then back to back pin attempts by both men. A shoulder block from Angle then a goes for angle slam but blocked then Roode goes for his finisher but blocked then Angle goes for Ankle lock but blocked. A waist lock form Angle and he takes him down by his waist but Roode battles out with elbows but runs into belly to belly suplex. On the outside both men battle, Angle bounces his head off the guardrail then sends him back in the ring. Angle runs into a boot but Roode comes out of the corner and eats a German suplex which angle lands it three times. Angle goes for Angle slam but reversed then Roode put the referee in the middle of them and when the referee’s back is turned, Roode kicks him in the nuts followed by his finisher for the first pin fall of the match. Roode is up by one

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Were back with Angle running into an elbow by Roode followed by a suplex, Roode misses a knee drop and Angle fires back with a clothesline. Here comes Angle and he hits a belly to belly suplex. Angle misses the spear in the corner. Back and forth then Angle hits Angle Slam to tie it up.

Roode was trying to leave up Angle brings him back to the ring where he hits a belly to belly. Angle with two German suplex but Roode fights out of the third and locks in the crippler cross face. Angle rolls through but Roode locks in the cross-face once gain but Angle gets to out but not for long as Roode hits the DDT followed by the cross face submission but Angle fights out and locks in Ankle lock. He switches to a cross face submission but Roode gets out of it and lifts him up but reversed and Angle hits the Angle slam for a near fall. Angle locks in the ankle lock but Roode rolls through and Roode rolls him up but holds the ropes for the win.

Winner: Roode in 2-1 falls in 14:30

JB is in the back saying we will find out who gets what in the “feast or fired” briefcase. James Storm and Gunner do a backstage interview but end up arguing.

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Kurt Angle is shown in the back, he is processing the defeat and he doesn’t know what his next move is.

A video package of the history between Gail Kim and Madison Rayne is shown.

EC3 does a backstage interview, he says he doesn’t have a pink slip but will get the right briefcase because he knows the right people. He talks to Dixie Carter on the phone about if he gets the wrong briefcase.

Eric Young is in the back, he says he has a gift for Joseph Parks and it’s a poorly wrapped steel chair.

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Eric Young comes to the ring, he brings out Joseph Parks. EY recaps the past couple weeks but Park says that he is Joseph Parks and he gets confused when he bleeds. EY has set up a match against bad influence in a monster ball match. Joe Park says no but EY says he has some presents for him; the presents are a steel chair, thumb tactics and a barbwire. Joe says no but still EY says he has one more but he gives him Janice and Parks says yes.

JB says when he comes back, we will find out who is “feast or fired”

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Samoa Joe talks to Jeff...