[Show: TNA Impact] [Location Manchester, England] [Date: 2/13/14]

Welcome to another edition of TNA Impact! Wrestling......

Welcome to another edition of TNA Impact! Wrestling, we kick things off with the circus, oh I mean Dixie Carter and everyone alongside here. Magnus, Rockstar spud, EC3 are all in the ring. Dixie says that she has not lost one ounces of sleep over MVP’s take over. She says that she did not even have a bad hair day. She has something he will not have and that’s the world champion Magnus. EC3 says that she has him who beat Kurt Angle. Magnus gets on the microphone and the crowd chants “you sold out”. He says this is your world champion and it’s good to be back in Manchester then gets heat about calling them slobs. He talks about how Dixie saw this great champion (Magnus) and signed him across the pound. He shifts his focus to MVP, he says that there is a pecking order and Magnus is over him in the order. He says he is not for sale and he does not sell out for nobody. Tick tock, MVP comes out with Samoa Joe to the stage. MVP says that Magnus did indeed sell out, he hypes up Joe and points out that Joe is the number one contender for the world title. MVP says that Magnus will defend his title against Joe at Lockdown. Gunner comes out, it’s a party! Gunner says they are tired of seeing a paper champion and now its time for a change. He adds that he is tired of carrying it around (Briefcase) he says that next week on Impact he will cash it in. Dixie says that he might not be the holder of briefcase by the end of the night because he will face EC3 tonight. MVP fires back, he says that the rules go like this. He says that EC3 has an opportunity to a tag team shot with his own briefcase. MVP makes it a briefcase from the ceiling and it’s in a ladder match. Also if MVP see’s anyone interfere then he will make it right. It’s Next!

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Ladder Match: EC3 Vs. Gunner

EC3 ducks out of the ring then back in the ring where he lands a series of right hands. He runs into a big boot by Gunner and he then throws him into the ropes where he catches him and hits a fall away slam. He goes to the floor to grab a ladder and when he is returning to the ring Ec3 nails a drop kick on Gunner. Ec3 sets the ladder up and starts to climb. Gunner drops him down and sends him into the corner. He hits a right hand then grabs the ladder and then hits him in the gut. He throws the ladder in the corner and throws Ec3 into it. They fight over the ladder, they trade right hands. Ec3 gets the better and sends him head first into the ladder. Ec3 sets the ladder up and climbs, Gunner power bombs him off the ladder and gets a nice pop form the fans. Gunner climbs to a reaction off boo’s, but Magnus throws him off the ladder and puts a beating on him. James Storm runs to the ring and clears house at 3:55 mark. MVP says freeze that and restarts the match in a tag team match.

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Briefcase Vs. Briefcase Tag Team Ladder Match: Gunner and James Storm Vs. Magnus and EC3

Were back with Gunner and Storm using the ladder on EC3. Gunner sets the ladder up and starts to climb, Magnus take shim down and Gunner goes for a choke slam, but blocked. Magnus hits him in the chest with the ladder and EC3 joins him as he took out James Storm on the floor. Ec3 puts him on the ladder and Ec3 goes to the top rope where he hits a spring board splash. Magnus with a front suplex on the ladder and Ec3 does one as well. Magnus has the ladder and nails Gunner in the face. Magnus with a leg drop and Ec3 hits a elbow on Gunner. They send him to the floor and Ec3 climbs the ladder, but Magnus does not like it and they argue. Storm comes in and clear house after the confusion. He puts the ladder down and they nail a double team hip toss on the ladder. Gunner lifts him up, but Magnus takes him out then Storm takes out Magnus with a clothesline to the floor and the only one left is EC3. He climbs the ladder, but Gunner hits a choke slam and heads to the top rope. Gunner with a head butt and climbs...