Nicholas Aldis
  • Birthdate: 11/06/1986 (age 30)
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 240 Ib

He is a former one-time TNA World Heavyweight C...

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...knows when he was disrespected with Gunner offer for the tag team title shot. He says that before they were a tag team, Gunner was nothing and he never heard a thank you. Gunner says that a friend does not betray their friends. Storm says that if Gunner lived or died, no one cared. Gunner said that the fans care. Storm fires back says that he or anyone does not owe Gunner a damn thing. Gunner attacks him and a huge brawl occurs on the outside. Storm tries to hit him with a steel chair, but misses and then runs into the crowd.

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Magnus is in the ring with Bad Bones and he says that this man will face Samoa Joe tonight.

Samoa Joe Vs. Bad Bones

Joe runs down to the ring, he is met by Bones and they start brawling. Joe with a knee to the face and does it repeatedly. Joe with a running boot in the corner, he puts him in the corner where he hits the “Muscle Buster” followed by the rear naked choke for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

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MVP is shown in the back talking about Austin Aries about what team he is going to pick for Lockdown. Aries wants to be the referee for his match against Bobby Roode tonight and it is a done deal.

Kurt Angle comes out for his TNA hall of fame induction. JB gives a quick introduction then the video package is shown. It goes through Angle’s life journey. Kurt comes down to the ring and grabs his watch. He says without the fans, and then there would be no TNA. He talks about how he did not receive the TNA hall of fame due to personal issues. He says that he did some soul searching and now he is in London. He says that all he can do is thank all the people that have gotten him to where he is today. He says that tonight is good night to be Kurt Angle, but EC3 music hits and he comes out. EC3 says that he has a touching video of his own. It is all the moments that Ec3 beat down Kurt Angle. He says that there is big news and he is going to break the big news. EC3 says that Angle has torn an ACL and MCL due to the attack that EC3 put on him. EC3 says that he is sorry and did not mean to retire him. He says its time and Angle says why would EC3 do that when he knows that Angle would rip his throat out. Angle says that if you are going to confirm things, Angle says that he should have asked the real source. The real truth is that MCL and ACL have no tear. Angle asks him if he really wants to be in the ring with him right now. EC3 says no and scared. Angle says that he knows he is new, but why would you pick Kurt Angle? He nails EC3 in the face and EC3 runs to the back. Angle says that he will face EC3 in March at the Lockdown PPV.

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Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky Vs. Led’i Tapa and Alpha Female

Tapa and Rayne kick things off, Rayne with right hands, she shoots off the ropes, but tripped by Gail Kim. She chases after her, but Tapa cuts her off and chokes her. Some how she gets a tag to Velvet Sky. Alpha Female tagged in as well. Sky with a kick to the leg of Female. Alpha Female backs her up into the corner, but Sky kicks her way out of the corner. Alpha Female misses a splash in the corner then she goes after Chris Sabin. Alpha Female breaks it up and tags in Tapa. Rayne gets in there and hits a drop kick on Tapa. Rayne tries to the throw her into the corner, but blocked. Tapa comes off the top rope and misses the splash. When she goes for the cover, Chris Sabin distracts the referee. Gail Kim hits Rayne from behind. Tapa hits her finisher for the win as Sky watches in horror.

Winner: Led’i Tapa and Alpha Female

After the match Sky gets in Chris Sabin’s face. Alpha Female locks in her submission hold, but ODB comes down to make the save. She clears house and Sky goes for her finisher, but Sabin pulls Alpha Female out of the ring. The beautiful people and DOB stand tall in the ring.

Sam Shaw is in the back and he says that he will make people understand how much he cares about Christy Hemme.

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