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Kurt Angle
Kurt Steven Angle
  • Birthdate: 12/9/1968 (age 46)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 240 Ib

He is best known for his tenure in the WWF, now...

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The following report is by James Caldwell from PWTorch.com. For original article you can find it here.

This week's live TNA Impact opened with a video package recapping last week's events, notably Tara pinning Miss Tessmacher, the latest Bound for Glory Series outcomes, and the end of A.J. Styles/Claire blackmail storyline.

Impact Zone: Mike Tenay introduced the show, focusing on the Aces & Eights group causing chaos last week. TNA then rolled video from last week when A&E arrived on motorcycles and picked a fight with Team Sting before injuring TNA World Hvt. champion Austin Aries.

After the video aired, Aries's music played to bring out the World champ sporting a cast over his injured right arm. In the ring, Aries addressed A&E's attack. He said they brought in 20 guys to create a diversion, then had six guys single him out to injure his arm. Aries said people are wondering if he will relinquish the title after the attack. But, that won't be the case. He said he might not be medically cleared to wrestle tonight, but that doesn't mean he can't fight. Also, he's left-handed, so his good hand is ready for some fighting. Aries called out the group and said he'll sit in the ring all night until A&E answers his challenge.

After a pause, Hulk Hogan's music played to bring out Hollywood Hogan and Sting, whom Tenay described as the "unified leaders" of TNA. On-stage, Hogan said he wants The Champ to calm down because they come in peace. Hogan said he just wants to let everyone know that he is back as GM. After thanking Sting for running the show, Hogan said things are going to run exactly how he wants them to go. He noted A&E messed with him, this business, his family, and wrestlers in the back. So, if they want a blood-bath, they're here to have one. Hogan told Aries they're here for support and Aries can have whatever he wants tonight.

Aries said he has a pretty long list of things he wants, but number one in his list is getting his hands on the group. He said he doesn't care who it is, but he wants one of them to fight him tonight. Suddenly, the group appeared on the video screen. The spokesperson with the modulated voice said they do things on their terms and on their time. He mockingly asked Aries how his wing is doing. After the other members had a chuckle, the spokesperson said the group will let Aries and everyone else know what A&E is all about tonight. Back live, Aries acted annoyed by this development.

Still to come tonight: Joe vs. Styles, Angle vs. Hardy, and RVD vs. James Storm in BFG Series matches. They cut to shots of Van Dam and Storm warming up backstage ahead of their match up next.

[Commercial Break]

Pre-taped Video: ODB was on the phone looking for her TV husband, Eric Young. ODB said in her voice-mail that they're done if he doesn't call back in 15 minutes. 15 minutes passed, but no call from EY. ODB said she misses EY, so she'll extend the deadline to next week.

[Q2] After the announces reviewed the BFG Series standings, TNA rolled a video package on tonight's matches continuing to build to the Final Four at No Surrender.

Impact Zone: Van Dam came out first and Tenay said he RVD needs to win one of his final two BFG Series matches to nail down a spot in the Final Four. James Storm, the current points-leader, was out next looking to solidify his spot in the Final Four in his last Series match.

1 -- JAMES STORM vs. ROB VAN DAM -- BFG Series match

After the bell sounded, Tenay passed along some news that the final #1 points-leader will be able to select his Final Four semi-final opponent at No Surrender. RVD and Storm looked a bit off in their exchanges early on before RVD knocked Storm to the outside. Van Dam followed with a plancha to the outside, which sent Impact to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Storm scored a close nearfall in the ring. RVD came back with a step-through kick to the face before charging Storm with a corner roundhouse kick. Next was Rolling Thunder for a two count. RVD was slow to follow up, allowing Storm to deliver an implant DDT for a two count. RVD sold being out cold as Storm dragged him to his feet to deliver Eye of the Storm for a close two count.

Storm followed up with right hand slaps before RVD reversed a corner whip and monkey-flipped Storm out of the...