James Storm
James Allen Cox
  • Birthdate: 06/01/1977 (age 37)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 230 Ib

Since 2002, Storm has been employed by Total No...

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The following is Report by James Caldwell of PWTorch

Just before the start of the show, Spike TV ran an ad for former WWE star Batista and future TNA star King Mo on MMA Live tonight.

This week's live TNA Impact opened with a video package on the ODB & EY business. On the PPV lead-in show featuring the culmination of the BFG Series, that was the first image of the show. The video continued to the Tag Title situation, finals of the BFG Series tonight, and latest on Aces & Eights involving Joseph Park investigating the group.

Impact Zone: Mike Tenay introduced the show live from the Impact Zone. Tenay noted they will fill out the Final Four of the BFG Series and set the stage for No Surrender on Sunday. This led to a video package documenting the BFG Series, focusing on the final five remaining stars - Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, James Storm, RVD, and Jeff Hardy.

Back live, Tenay and Taz broke down the BFG Series Leaderboard, noting A.J. Styles has been eliminated at the #5 position and James Storm has clinched a spot in the Final Four. In the ring, Christy Hemme introduced Jeff Hardy for the first of two BFG Series matches. Essentially, if Hardy loses, he's eliminated and the other four are in, which would eliminate the drama for RVD vs. Bully Ray (barring a DQ situation). As Hardy made his way to the ring, Tenay noted it's a must-win situation for Hardy tonight.

Samoa Joe was then introduced as Hardy's opponent. For Joe, a pinfall or submission victory gives him the BFG Series victory and right to select his semi-final opponent at No Surrender. Tenay said Joe can determine his own fate tonight. Tenay summed up tonight's events: it's the end of the regular season on Impact and the Playoffs are Sunday.

1 -- JEFF HARDY vs. SAMOA JOE -- BFG Series match

Hardy and Joe felt each other out to start things off, selling that they didn't want to make a mistake in a high-stakes match. TNA cut to a shot of James Storm in street clothes intently watching the match. Tenay noted Storm is rooting for Hardy so that Joe doesn't take his #1 spot. On the floor, Joe blasted Hardy, but then started pacing around ringside without following up. It allowed Hardy to deck Joe, then run off the ring steps for a big leg whip into the guardrail. TNA cut to break with Hardy in control.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Joe was in control in the ring. Joe scored a nearfall, then took a deep breath to keep his calm and not flip out. Joe went back to dominating the action as Tenay reminded viewers of what's on the line in this match. Joe continued to score nearfalls before pausing to take a deep breath and not get frustrated. A "Let's Go Har-dy / Let's Go Joe" dueling chant filled the space before Hardy teased a comeback.

[Q2] At 10:00, Joe scored another nearfall, prompting another deep breath to keep his cool. Hardy suddenly fired out of the corner with clotheslines before delivering an atomic drop into a double-foot dropkick for a two count. Hardy followed with a jawbreaker, then went up top, but Joe avoided. Hardy teased the Twist of Fate, but Joe ducked. Hardy then came off the top with Whisper in the Wind to Joe's injured left arm. Hardy followed with a Stunner/jawbreaker before dropping Joe to the mat with a submission move targeting the arm. Joe had no choice but to tap out, giving Hardy the win and 10 points. "I never expected that!" Taz declared on commentary.

WINNER: Hardy via submission at 12:03 to earn 10 BFG Series points. Hardy now has 59 points, ahead of RVD and Bully Ray, who are tied with 55 points. The RVD vs. Ray winner tonight advances to No Surrender with Storm, Joe, and Hardy. And, Storm wins the BFG Series by virtue of Joe's loss, so Storm picks his semi-final opponent at No Surrender.

Backstage: Hulk Hogan was shown walking down the hallway. TNA World champ Austin Aries stopped him in the hallway and demanded to know how many weeks he has to put up with Aces & Eights. He wanted to know how they're getting into the building. Hogan said they will be kept accountable and one guy was pulling cable for a camera. Hogan said he pulled some records and found out who some of the Aces & Eight members are, but they need to figure out who's sending them and trying to ruin the company. He told Aries to get one of the guys to talk, and do it...