[Show: TNA Impact!] [Location: Orlando, FL] [Date: 5/1/14]

Welcome to TNA Impact, We got a video package recapping Sacrifice. We see Bully Ray spray painting a table and then we see Eric Young talking in the back about still being Champion. He then walks into MVP’s office. EY says he wants this party to continue and wants to defend his TNA Title. MVP says he has someone to face and Mr. Anderson walks into With Gunner, also Bobby Roode. They all make their cases on why they should challenge for the title. MVP says they will draw cards on who will face EY later tonight. Anderson will face Gunner and the winner of that will face Bobby Roode Later. The winner of Roode Vs. TBA will face EY later tonight. 

Magnus makes his way out to the ring, he says that it is not fair that he is not in the cards to face EY later tonight. He calls out MVP, instead of MVP, it’s Abyss who makes his way from in the crowd. The two start brawling around the ring, Abyss misses with a steel chair and they continue to brawl in the ring. Abyss ends up nailing the chokeslam on Magnus to prove his point. Abyss grabs the chair, the crowd chants Janice and he grabs her. Magnus slides out of the ring and Abyss stands tall in the ring. 

Bully Ray makes his way out to the ring and points out that Dixie Carter cost him his match with Bobby Roode last Sunday. He bruised a rib, fractured a rib, but guess what Dixie? I’m still standing! He is tougher than nails and she will not cost him is career. So help him god, if he see’s her tonight, then she will be going through that table and leaves the ring. 

We see Dixie Carter arriving to the arena in a limo…. 

-Commercial Break-

Rockstar Spud informs Dixie CCarter, who Bully Ray had to say, she says she is not scared of him. 

Endurance Challenge: Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson 

They lock up, they each change head lock hold. A slow start to the match, but Gunner shoots off the ropes and Anderson  hits the clothesline for a near fall. Anderson  with a headlock, Gunner sends Anderson  into the corner. Anderson  fights back, but runs into a series of elbows. Gunner hits a back fall away slam and he goes to the top rope. Gunner goes after James Storm who distracts him. He knocks him down and with the referee's back the action, Storm nails Anderson  in the face with a kick and Gunner hit his finisher for the win. 

Winner: Gunner at 3:50. 

Magnus is in the back and he hugs someone. He says that he is here to see Magnus and they need to talk. 

-Commercial Break-

We're back and the two are still talking, this new guy says that Magnus is not the same that he once was and he is not him anymore. He says that he has gone soft and then he slams him into a locker. He backs off and says if he is here if he needs him. 

EC3 is in the ring saying that in one week from tonight that he will take on Kurt Angle. He tries to talk, but the crowd chants where’s your boyfriend? He says that his opponent tonight is Rockstar Spud, who is dressed up like Kurt Angle. They start basic wrestling and more of entertainment. All of a sudden, Kurt Angle comes out, he says he wants to know what he is getting himself into. He says that he will be facing a Kurt Angle who is out for blood. If he shows up next week he will beat him, but he will hurt him. 

The Beautiful People are on their way out to the ring. 

-Commercial Break-

Knux video is shown, his family is debuting next week. Yea…

Endurance Challenge: Bobby Roode Vs. Gunner 

Roode puts the boots to Gunner, but Gunner with a few right hands. He nails a head butt, then sends him into the corner followed by a back body drop for a near fall. Roode sends Gunner out to the floor. They brawl around the ring, Roode sends Gunner into the steel steps and back into the ring. Gunner tries to fight back with headbutts, but runs into a big boot. Roode with a neckbreaker off the top rope for a near fall. Roode locks in a surfboard submission hold, Gunner fights out for  a second, but Roode nails the drop kick to cut him. Roode goes for a crossbody, but blocked and here comes Gunner. He hits a knee to the ribs and then a running knee to the face. Gunner goes for his finisher, but Roode fights out, however Gunner reverses and nails a DDT...