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Kurt Angle
Kurt Steven Angle
  • Birthdate: 12/9/1968 (age 46)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 240 Ib

He is best known for his tenure in the WWF, now...

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The following is from James Caldwell of PWTorch.com. You can find the original link here

The tenth live Impact of TNA's summer series opened with an immediate shot of the backstage area, where Bobby Roode confronted Austin Aries and Kenny King. Roode and Aries began fighting, then Spike TV rolled credits for the previous show and TNA went back to the fight, which spilled into the Impact Zone. Zema Ion was also involved in the fight. The four-man brawl continued ringside for a few minutes before finally entering the ring to officially start the tag match.

1 -- TNA World Hvt. champion AUSTIN ARIES & KENNY KING vs. BOBBY ROODE & X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES

Aries quickly took control of the action, then tagged in Kenny King for a double-team airplane spin into a double chop to the chest. Aries re-tagged in and followed with a slingshot elbow drop across Ion's chest for a two count. The faces continued to pick apart and dominate Ion, but they couldn't put away Ion. Roode then blasted King from behind on the ring apron, but then Ion crashed into Roode on accident. Roode finally got the best of King by yanking him to the outside, then ramming him into the guardrail. Ion, after being worked on for four-plus minutes, somehow found the energy to pull off a flip-dive over the top rope onto King, who Roode rolled back into the ring.

Roode legally entered the match at 5:00 to begin working over King and taunt Aries. Ion re-entered the match, then Aries and Roode met at a neutral control to argue and yell at each other. TNA cut to break with Ion still in control on King.

[Commercial Break]

Back on Impact at 11:20, Ion was still in control working over King. King teased a comeback, but Roode pushed King off the top turnbuckle, which drew Aries over to argue with Roode.

[Q2] The heels continued to isolate King until King suplexed Ion across the ring. Taz offered a weekly reference to his suplex career as King reached the corner to tag in Aries, but "Conflict of Interest" referee Earl Hebner did not see the tag, so he disallowed Aries from entering the ring. So, the heels went back to the attack on King, who fought back before the action broke down with all four men in the ring. Aries then clotheslined Ion into a suicide dive on Roode ringside. In the ring, King followed with his finisher on Ion for the pin and the win. Taz noted King just pinned the X Division champion. Aries and Roode then had a post-match staredown to sell their PPV main event in nine days.

WINNERS: Aries & King at 15:06. Very slow-developing tag match, but a good finish with King getting his win over Ion to keep him in the title chase.

Video package: Mike Tenay fed to a standard Impact opening video recapping the Aces & Eights storyline, including Roode's accusations against James Storm that he's affiliated with the group.

Backstage: The roving cameraman caught up with interim GM Sting, who said he wants to give James Storm the benefit of the doubt. He said he wants to hear from Storm in just a few seconds to get to the bottom of the A&E attacks.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back live, Sting's music played to bring out Sting to address a "controversy" involving Aces & Eights and James Storm. Once in the ring, Sting said there are too many questions and not enough answers about A&E, but someone has the scoop, so he's inviting out James Storm right now. Storm's music played to bring out Storm dressed in street clothes and aviators. In the ring, Storm walked up to Sting, who said he didn't believe Roode when he accused Storm last week, but there is some compelling footage he wants to run by Storm. Sting went back to last week when A&E didn't attack Storm during Storm vs. A.J. Styles, nor did he touch A&E during the show-closing save.

Storm said he's gotten all kinds of messages asking him the same question if he's associated with A&E. Storm said what he sees is a bunch of cowards bailing from the ring when he ran down to the ring to kick some ass. Storm told Sting that they've known each other for a long time and fought many battles, but he's never had someone battle for him. Storm then went back to nine months ago when he was jumped by none other than Kurt Angle, but he didn't cry or moan about it. Storm said not only did he beat Angle once, twice, but three of four...