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Samoa Joe
Nuufolau Joel Seanoa
  • Birthdate: 03/17/1979 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 289 Ib

Before debuting in TNA in June 2005, Seanoa ...

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The following is reported by James Caldwell of PWTorch. You can find the original article here.

This week's live TNA Impact opened with a recap of Bound for Glory Series matches on last week's Impact and at Sunday's Hardcore Justice PPV. The video opening also recapped the latest from Aces & Eights.

Impact Zone: Live from Orlando, Mike Tenay introduced the show and pligged three BFG Series matches tonight, specifically A.J. Styles vs. Daniels in a "personal" match, Magnus vs. Samoa Joe in a battle of former TNA tag champs and current GHC tag champs, and Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy in the main event.

Austin Aries's music then played to bring out the TNA World Hvt. champion fresh off his title defense against Bobby Roode at Hardcore Justice. TNA showed still-shot replays of the Aries vs. Roode title main event that included a re-start after a double pin. Once in the ring, Aries went over the "fluke" word thrown out at him by Roode, who he noted he's beaten on two straight PPVs. Aries told any more doubters out there to drop the "e" from fluke and go "fluk" yourself. Aries said this is his company now and he is the face of the company. He said no one will tell him what to do, say, or think because he's running the show.

Aries directed a message to Aces & Eights that he's stepping up to them. Aries said the BFG Series is coming down to its last days and there's a lot at stake, so no matter what Aces & Eights or the BFG Series winner has to say, he will walk in to the BFG PPV as World champ and will walk out as World champ.

Suddenly, Jeff Hardy's music interrupted. Hardy slowly walked out toward the ring selling the effects from Hardcore Justice on Sunday. The announcers noted it's rare for Hardy to interrupt anyone. Once Hardy entered the ring, Aries welcomed him to his ring and said he must have something important to say. Hardy first shouted out to his fans before noting he's been chasing that title for the last year and congratulated Aries on being champ. Hardy then vowed to win the BFG Series and they are going to tear it up. Aries said he has no doubts about that. Hardy replied that Aces & Eights cost him 20 points at Hardcore Justice, so he's demanding they show up right now.

Suddenly, Bully Ray's music played to bring out Bully marching to the ring with something to say. Aries kind of pulled a C.M. Punk backing into the corner with the spotlight off him as Ray walked right up to Hardy. Ray told Hardy he really is stupid. "James Storm is behind the Aces & Eights. Do you not get it?" Ray asked. Ray said he always knew Jeff's brother was smarter than him. Ray explained how things went down at Hardcore Justice, putting the blame on Storm for everything that happened in their BFG Series match. Ray then told Hardy that he will go on to Bound for Glory to become World Hvt. champ.

Aries interrupted, knocking on Ray's calves. He said there seems to be more blood flowing to Ray's calves than between his ears. Aries told Ray that he's the World champ and it seems to him that Ray has a lot of aspirations and ambitions, which makes him wonder if Ray is behind Aces & Eights doing all the finger-pointing. Ray asked Aries if he's out of his mind. Ray ignored the claim and said Storm is behind Aces & Eights. Aries said regardless of Aces & Eights, someone has to go through him to become World champ.

Suddenly, Aces & Eights appeared on the video screen. The modulated man with "Prospect" on his jacket said Aces & Eights are about luck and commitment. The mystery man said Ray got lucky at Hardcore Justice. The modulated man said they will make their presence known in a very real way tonight. Back live in the ring, Ray continued to blame Storm. Impact abruptly went to break with Ray mid-rant.

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[Q2] Before returning live, TNA aired a video package recapping BFG Series match results at Hardcore Justice on Sunday. Tenay and Taz then recapped the BFG Series Standings.

Backstage: The roving cameraman talked to Magnus about facing Samoa Joe tonight. Magnus recapped his recent pairing with Joe as TNA tag champ and said he's gotten in Joe's head to understand how to defeat the machine.

Impact Zone: Samoa Joe's music played to bring out Joe as Christy Hemme introduced the opening match. After Joe marched to the ring ready to fight, Magnus...