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Dixie Carter
Dixie Carter
  • Birthdate: 10/06/1964 (age 50)
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 129 Ib

Dixie Carter-Salinas, known professionally as D...

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...come into play, as almost everyone has a weapon of some kind. We see a close up of Richards stuck in a cross-face by Roode. Ray gets in his face and asks him if he wants to give up. All of the members of Team Dixie have all of the members of Team MVP in headlocks, leaving only Richards stuck in the cross-face by Roode. Eventually the Team MVP members break free and help Richards. MVP hits his "Ballin'" spot on Aries. Team Dixie starts to regain control of the offense, as the four of them dominate the four members of Team MVP. The Wolves start fighting back, and now they hit a bunch of double-team moves to give Team MVP the offensive control once again.

The Wolves stuff Aries in a trash can and each go to the top rope on opposite sides of the ring. They both fly off the top, doing a coast-to-coast spot on Aries in the trash can. The fans break out in a "this is awesome" chant. Richards sits Aries on a set-up chair and starts kicking the crap out of him while he's sitting there. Richards hits Aries with a suplex on the open chair. The pin attempt is broken up, however. We see Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud looking on from the top of the stage. Willow hits a Twist Of Fate on one of the members of The Bro Mans. Willow hits the Swanton off the top. He goes for the pin but it's broken up. The announcers are getting on Bully Ray's case for only counting to two on the pin attempt, but it was legitimately broken up by a member of Team Dixie.

Roode sets up a table in the ring. Roode goes to put someone through the table, but Bully Ray stands in front of him and refuses to move. Roode flips out. Ray ends up hitting Roode with his finisher. Dixie and Rockstar Spud are shown flipping out at the top of the stage. MVP hits his big kick on Roode. Ray counts the pin. 1-2-3. Team MVP wins.

Winners: Team MVP

After The Match

Bully Ray raises the hand of MVP. We see Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud freaking out at the top of the stage as Bully Ray and the members of Team MVP celebrate their victory in the ring. Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary put over Dixie's "insurance policy" turning on her. Team MVP goes up to the top of the stage and mock Dixie Carter to her face. Dixie and Rockstar come to the ring, where Bully Ray is still standing. Dixie shrieks and yells at Ray as Ray simply stands there. Taz again calls it "the ultimate double-cross" by Bully Ray. The music cuts off. Bully Ray powerbombs Bobby Roode through the table. Ray poses to the fans in Miami as his music plays. There's bodies laying everywhere in the ring, Dixie and Rockstar Spud are freaking out, and Bully Ray stands tall in the ring. TNA Lockdown goes off the air on that note.