Event: TNA Lockdown Results Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, April 15th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)

Location: The Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee

Results by TNAWrestlingNews.com

TNA Lockdown Opener:

The show opens with footage of James Storm putting his bags in the back of his truck talking about how Bobby Roode made things in this feud personal. Storm says this is the biggest match of his career. He welcomes Roode to Nashville, what he calls 'his town'.

- We get video footage of Roode and Storm preparing for this match, intercut with footage showing their history. It's a good piece of work.

- There's no pyro as we begin the PPV, but Mike Tenay is still here to welcome us to the PPV. He immediately begins hyping the Lethal Lockdown match, which is set to open the show.

- Team Garrett is shown backstage talking amongst each other. Garrett comes in and asks to be the first one to get into the ring tonight. Styles is concerned that Bischoff has no experience. Garrett says he knows he's going to get beat, and he knows he's a rookie, but he wants to show that he's got the same amount of heart as everyone else, and gain the fan's respect. His team is ok with that, so it looks like that's what's going to happen.

Lethal Lockdown Match

- Team Eric (Gunner (Captain), Bully Ray, Chris Daniels, Eric Bischoff and Kazarian) vs. Team Garett (Garett Bischoff (Captain), AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam and Austin Aries)

If Team Eric wins, Garett will leave TNA forever, and if Team Garett wins, Eric would leave TNA, and Eric would have to change his name

Garrett Bischoff is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he actually gets a decent reaction from the crowd.

Gunner is out first for Team Eric, and he doesn't get a warm welcome from the crowd.

The bell rings, and Gunner and Hunter begin circling each other. The stare each other down for a little while before Gunner charges. Bischoff moves and catches Gunner with a couple of punches. Garrett hits a couple of boots in the corner, but Gunner fights back, shouldering Garrett. Garrett fights out and hits a couple of dropkicks, but he's thrown back into the corner by Gunner. Garrett goes up to the second rope after hitting a big boot and leaps off the middle toward Gunner. Gunner takes Garrett down to the mat and hits him with a bunch of rights before sending him into the ropes and hitting a back elbow.

Gunner takes Garrett into the corner and buries his shoulder in Garrett's midsection before planting his knee in the side of Bischoff's face. Gunner stomps away at Garrett as the clock counts down to the next entrant. Gunner uses his boot to choke Garrett before raking his face against the cage. The clock runs out, and the next entrant in the match is Bully Ray.

Ray heads right into the ring where Gunner is wrenching away at Garrett's neck. Ray winds up and catches Garrett with a big kick to the chest. Ray stomps on Garrett's head. Garrett tries to fight back, but he's stopped by Gunner from behind. Gunner whips Garrett into a big clothesline from Ray. Ray winds up and hits a set of big right hands to Garrett. Garrett tries to fight back again, but he's stopped with a big right hand from Ray. The crowd is chanting for Austin Aries. The clock runs out and the next member for Team Garrett is Austin Aries.

Aries heads into the ring and brings the fight to Ray. He mounts Ray in the corner and hits a crazy series of rights before jumping off with an axe handle to Gunner. Aries is a house of fire, wearing Ray out in the corner with rights and a running clothesline, but he runs straight into a big boot from Bully Ray. Ray taunts Aries before hitting him with a big right hand. Ray hits Aries with an elbow to the top of the head before trying to whip him across the ring. Aries reverses and runs in shoulder first into Bully's gut. Aries goes to the top and launches himself off with a missile dropkick to Ray. The clock counts down and Kazarian is the next man to the ring.

Kaz heads into the ring and takes Aries right out of the equation before going over to get in a couple of shots of his own on Garrett. Kaz turns back and forth from kicking Garrett to kicking Aries. Kaz whips Garrett into the middle rope clothesline from Gunner. Gunner continues to pound on Garrett...