Austin aries
Austin Aries
Daniel Healy Solwold, Jr.
  • Birthdate: 04/15/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 202 Ib

He's a five-time TNA X Division Champion (his f...

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Event: TNA No Surrender Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, September 9th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)

Location: The iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, FL

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TNA No Surrender Opener:

The show opens with video of Jeff Hardy entering the arena. Samoa Joe, is then shown, followed by James Storm and Bully Ray, also coming into the arena. They then cut to a video package that highlights the finals of the Bound for Glory series that will be taking place over the course of the PPV.

The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show. He hypes the title matches that will be taking place tonight, as well as Aries’ fight against the leader of Aces and Eights. We’ll also get to find out who will go on to face the World Champion at Bound for Glory. This leads us into our first match of the evening as Jeff Hardy’s music hits, and the Charismatic Enigma makes his way out to the ring to a big pop from the crowd.

Samoa Joe is the next man to make his way out to the Impact Zone. He doesn’t get the same reaction as Hardy, but it’s clear he has his supporters as well.

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal Match

Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

The bell rings and both men are slow to start. We get a lock up and Hardy goes for the arm. Joe turns things around into a hammer lock but it’s reversed into a headlock. Joe sends Hardy into the ropes and takes him out with a quick shoulder block. Hardy falls to the outside as Joe sells his injured arm a bit.

Hardy makes his way back into the ring and get the crowd behind him before locking up and being backed up into the corner by Joe. Hardy ducks a clothesline and kicks away at Joe in the corner. Joe sends Hardy across the ring, but Hardy headscissors Joe out of the ring. Hardy tries for a dropkick through the ropes, but Joe catches him and pulls him out, slamming his head into the apron a couple of times. Joe tries to slam Hardy’s head into the ring steps, but Hardy turns it around. He pulls the rings steps out and tries for a leaping move, but Joe moves out of the way. Hardy quickly heads up to the apron and executes a leaping body press to Joe out on the floor.

Jeff takes things back into the ring where Joe fights back with a couple of rights and an atomic drop/big boot/back senton combo that’s good for two. Joe picks Hardy up and takes him into the corner with a big back splash and huge enzugiri that’s good for another near fall. Joe picks Hardy up for a snap mare before clamping on a rear chin lock, and then a nerve hold. Hardy fights up to his feet, but he’s taken right back down to the mat by Joe. Joe drops a knee into Hardy’s spine before locking in another rear chin lock.

Hardy is able to fight his way out of the hold, but he runs straight into a huge powerslam from Joe that’s good for another two count. Hardy pulls himself to the corner, but he’s followed in by Joe. Joe picks him up to his feet and the two begin trading rights. Hardy starts to get the upper hand, but Joe tosses him to the outside and leaps through the ropes with an elbow suicida.

Joe picks Hardy up to his feet and tosses him back into the ring, rolling in after him. He goes for the pin, but Hardy is still able to kick out at two. Joe stomps away at Hardy before picking him back up to his feet. He head butts Hardy hard in the side of the head. He takes Hardy into the corner with a series of rights. Hardy fights back with kicks and strikes, then a big mule kick. Hardy hits an inverted atomic drop, but Joe kicks him away. Hardy leaps up and takes Joe out with a huge leaping clothesline.

Both men are slow to get to their feet, but Hardy scores with a clothesline and a couple of rights. Joe stops Hardy, but misses the backsplash. Hardy hits the double leg dropkick and follows up with a pin for two. Hardy tries for the twist of fate, but he’s pushed away, only to connect with the whisper in the wind for another near fall.

Joe catches Hardy running in the corner and puts him down to the mat with a huge STO. Joe signals for the muscle buster. He takes Hardy into the corner and seats him on the top...