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Steve Borden
  • Birthdate: 03/20/1959 (age 56)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Sting is best known for his tenure in World Cha...

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Event: TNA Turning Point Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, November 11th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)

Location: The 'IMPACT Zone' in Orlando, FL

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TNA Turning Point Opener:

The show opens with Taz standing in the middle of the ring. He welcomes everyone to TNA Turning Point. Taz says he’s got something important he wants to say. He’s happy to say he works for a company trying to help people effected by Hurricane Sandy. Taz says many people in the Northeast have had their lives changed, and he was one of them. Tonight, everyone watching can help make a difference. Taz brings out a couple of special guests, Florida radio host Bucket head, and Bully Ray.

Bucket head has a mic, as does Ray. Bucket head thanks the fans in the Impact Zone. He also thanks the American Red Cross for their relief efforts. Bucket head says they’re going to try to make a Guinness world record of everyone texting during a PPV. He’s going to give everyone specific instructions that will cost $10 on your cell phone bill if you’d like to participate. He asks everyone to pull out their phones and text ‘Redcross 1041′ to the number 90999.

Bucket head thanks the crowd again. Ray says let’s get this night started the right way, and then leads the crowd in a TNA chant. This leads us into a video package highlighting the Jeff Hardy/Austin Aries title match that will main event the show.

- The pyro hits and Todd Keneley (?) welcomes us to the show. He’s sitting alongside Taz and Mike Tenay. They turn their attention to the #1 Contender triple threat match that will also lock one participant out of title contention for a year. They also discuss the World Title ladder match between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries before throwing things down to the ring for the first match of the evening.

Magnus is introduced first, and he makes his way down to the ring to a good bit of heat from the crowd.

Samoa Joe is out next, and the reigning champion gets a great reaction from the crowd on his way to the ring.

No DQ TNA Television Championship Match

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus

The bell rings and Joe and Magnus go right at it with forearms. Joe drives Magnus from the ring with a head butt, but when he follows he’s caught with a kick to the gut. Joe fights back, sending Magnus crashing into the barricade before laying in with a couple of punches. Magnus fights back with some rights of his own before cranking back on a head lock. Joe is able to send Magnus into the ring steps to break the hold, then he sends things back into the ring. Joe hits Magnus with a series of rights in the corner before hitting him with a snap mare and chopping Magnus in the back of the neck. Joe drops a knee for a two count.

Joe hits Magnus with a great flying knee, wiping out the Brit. Joe hits the ropes and is caught off guard with a clothesline from Magnus. Magnus kicks at Joe’s head before hitting him with a series of forearms in the corner. Magnus chokes Joe for a bit before trying for a clothesline. Magnus misses and comes back with a high knee of his own to take out the big man. Magnus backs Joe into the corner, but ends up whipped across the ring. Joe follows with a backsplash and a Pele kick. Joe face washes Magnus in the corner before hitting the ropes and kicking Magnus square in the face.

Magnus rolls to the outside and grabs a chair, throwing it at Joe when Joe tries for a suicide dive. Magnus heads back into the ring and chokes Joe against the middle rope before hitting him with a running elbow to the back. Magnus drops a knee across Joe’s throat for a one count, and he’s immediately frustrated. Magnus clamps on a keylock hold, but Joe fights to his feet. Magnus clubs away at Joe, but ends up whipped into the corner. He gets his boot into Joe’s face, but jumps into an atomic drop. Joe misses a senton, but immediately recovers with a powerslam for another near fall. Joe hits the ropes and catches a leap frogging Magnus for a powerbomb. Joe goes for a pin but transitions right into an STF.

Magnus gets to the ropes and is able to stand to his feet and fight Joe off. Magnus tries for the rear naked choke but Joe shrugs it off, then runs right into an arm bar. Joe rolls over, but Magnus is able to work into an arm...