Event: UFC 148 (Sonnen vs. Silva II) Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Saturday, July 7th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)

Location: The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV

Results by MMAScoops.com

Rafaello Oliveira vs. Yoislandy Izquierdo

Round 1

The Brazilian lands a leg kick and southpaw Izquierdo looks to come over the top with a big left. Izquierdo kicks to the body, stuffs a shot and waits to punish Oliveira with punches and knees as he stands back up. Another straight left from Izquierdo, who dips back out to dodge a punch and stuffs another shot. Oliveira keeps after the double-leg and brings Izquierdo down at the base of the fence. Oliveira takes a minute to navigate Izquierdo’s guard and passes to the left side with just over three minutes left in the round. Izquierdo elbows from his back while defending against the mount, and Oliveira drills knees into his man’s midsection from cross-side position. Keylock attempt on the far arm from Oliveira doesn’t go. He mounts Izquierdo for a split-second before being bucked off and pushed away. Oliveira stays the aggressor as the lightweights get back on their feet, pressuring Izquierdo into the fence and backing him off with a kick. Oliveira tries to plow Izquierdo down again, but this time Izquierdo flips the Brazilian over the top and cracks him with a knee. Izquierdo is on the move in the last 40 seconds, chasing Oliveira around the cage with aggressive strikes, landing more lefts and knees.

Round 2

Izquierdo gets right back to work with his plucking left hands, though he can’t capitalize when Oliveira slips on a high kick try. Oliveira eats a hard knee and decides to bring the fight to the floor moments later, putting Izquierdo on his back away from the fence. Oliveira is squirting blood from his forehead as he leans from right to left in side control. Oliveira nearly gets caught in a reverse triangle as he passes from the right to left side, but pops his head out quickly. Another armlock attempt on the far side yields nothing for Oliveira, and a few seconds later, ref Mario Yamasaki calls a break to have the Brazilian’s cut inspected. Oliveira is cleared to continue and they resume on the ground with 1:50 left in the middle round. Izquierdo’s offense has stopped from the bottom as he squirms and tries to extract himself from the position. Oliveira keeps trying to trap the arm in the final minute; he can’t, so he instead grinds away with short punches.

Round 3

Oliveira stays on the end of Izquierdo’s punches and slow leg kicks through the first 45 seconds, then opts to come inside and bring the fight down again. He eats a knee from Izquierdo as he goes down to his rangy opponent’s open guard. Izquierdo throws elbows underneath while Oliveira peppers with frustrating punches to the body. Throwing up his legs for a triangle, Izquierdo misses the submission and gives up position, allowing Oliveira to pass to the right side and work a kimura on the left arm. Oliveira can’t finish and gets pushed away by Izquierdo with about two minutes remaining. The Brazilian drives on a single-leg immediately and takes down Izquierdo again, this time at the base of the fence. North-south position for Oliveira, and he opts to pass to Izquierdo’s right side. He finally gets the crucifix he’s been looking for by trapping Izquierdo’s right arm, and Oliveira begins dropping punches on the Floridian’s unprotected face. Izquierdo extracts his arm, almost pops out the backdoor but gets caught with his head and arms pinned by his opponent. Oliveira finishes the fight on top.

Official result: All three judges score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Rafaello Oliveira.

Shane Roller vs. John Alessio

Round 1

Roller takes the outside, trying to punch over the top with head low. Alessio keeps his punches straight, throwing in combinations and getting the better of the striking exchanges through the opening minute. An inside thigh kick from Roller goes astray and Alessio goes down from the groin shot. The Canadian takes a minute to recover and the lightweights are back to work. Alessio stuffs a shot from Roller and spends a minute controlling the action on the fence. They’re trading shots in the last 30 seconds, Alessio scoring with hooks inside and Roller connecting with a particularly hard uppercut. Alessio puts Roller on his posterior with a hook-jab combo and pounces, but Roller recovers from the shot quickly and rides out the last few seconds.

Round 2

Roller scores with a few punches and a leg kick in the opening moments before Alessio lands a punch to the body and shoots in behind it. Roller defends the takedown and tries to...