...from under De Fries and hustles the Englishman into the fence. De Fries turns it around after eating some punches in the clinch and single-legs Duffee to the base of the fence. De Fries explodes with some hard right hands but Duffee weathers them and gets back to his feet. Duffee uses an underhook to turn De Fries around, then grabs the Thai plum, looking for a knee that doesn’t come. They disengage and Duffee sticks a one-two in De Fries’ face. Another uppercut and De Fries is stunned, staggering backwards.

Duffee smells blood and follows up with a barrage of right hands, then finishes off the dazed De Fries with another uppercut. Ref Lavigne has seen enough and steps in to rescue De Fries at 2:04 of the first round.

Myles Jury vs. Michael Johnson

Round 1

Referee Herb Dean gets the assignment for this lightweight bout. Johnson is working some good leg kicks early, staying on the outside of the larger man. The move along the perimeter, feinting and measuring while drawing faint boos from the Vegas crowd, less than 90 seconds into the bout. Jury hits a takedown, moves to full mount but Johnson gives up his back to get out of the bad spot. Johnson puts his back on the mat and Jury is in half-guard, posturing up and slamming Johnson with nonstop left hands as “The Menace” gives up his back again. Johnson finally gets back to a deep half-guard and the punches stop, but a few seconds later it’s Jury dropping heavy elbows from left to right. Jury works from a kimura from the top and Johnson is warned by ref Dean not to grab Jury’s trunks. Jury gives it up and takes full mount again with about 15 seconds left. He bombs with punches and tries for a last-second rear-naked choke which doesn’t come.

Round 2

Jury gets Johnson’s attention with a right high kick to the cheek but can’t get underneath for the takedown. Johnson snuffs out the first attempt, but when Jury changes levels a second time, he’s puts Johnson on his back away from the fence. Tight closed guard from Johnson as Jury tries to posture up and throw elbows. Jury stands and drops one big strike but that’s all he can muster before being wrapped up again. Unable to get any space for his ground-and-pound, Jury grinds his forearm on Johnson’s face, stacks him up and crashes back down with more shots. Jury stays heavy on top through the final minute and keeps Johnson on his back.

Round 3

Johnson comes toward Jury swinging punches but gets tied up and shoved into the fence, then tripped down to the ground less than a minute into the round. Jury works to clear his legs and pass to full mount, has to settle for side control, leaning from Johnson’s right to left. Jury loses the position going for a kimura and now drops short elbows from half-guard. Midway through the round and Johnson turns over, allowing Jury to sink one hook in. Jury drops left hands until Johnson bails out, away from the cage but still on his back with Jury all over him. Down the stretch and it’s all Jury, elbows and right hands bashing Johnson almost all the way, save for a last-second scramble and guillotine pull.

Official result: Myles Jury def. Michael Johnson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) R3 5:00

Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1

Varner hops around the outside while Guillard stands looking to throw his right straight and leg kicks. The low strikes from Guillard are landing well through the first minute as the lightweights find the range. Outside thigh kick from Guillard is followed by a left straight that pulls up short. Varner is trying to time Guillard’s outside low kick but Guillard is quick to move out of the way and dodge the right hand. Varner getting his punches through a little more now. Varner sparks Guillard with a shot to the body and a big left hook up top with just seconds remaining in the round. Guillard hits the deck but pops back up just as quickly and dodges the follow-up shots. Varner tries to pull a guillotine but the clock runs out as he’s cinching it up.

Round 2

Varner hits an early takedown and looks to have Guillard in trouble, but the “Young Assassin” flips his way out and threatens with a guillotine to force Varner back to the feet. Guillard keeps the leg kicks coming and now starts to snap off his jab in Varner’s face. Varner misses with a right uppercut, connects with the next combo though, and then plows Guillard to the base of the fence about midway