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Paul Randall Wight
  • Birthdate: 02/08/1972 (age 44)
  • Height: 7'0"
  • Weight: 425 Ib

Wight is a seven-time world champion, having wo...

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...Truth tags in Khali. Khali drops Drew with an overhand shot and takes him to the corner. Khali with a big chop in the corner and a clothesline. Booker T gets the tag and continues the assault on Drew.

Drew and Booker go at it now. Otunga hits Booker in the back of the head. Booker drops Otunga, Ziggler and the rest of Team Johnny on the apron. He doesn’t drop Mark Henry and turns around to a kick from McIntyre. Swagger comes in and covers Booker for a 2 count. Swagger takes Booker to the corner and stomps away. Swagger takes him to the mat now. Booker tries to make a comeback but Swagger clotheslines him for another 2 count. Henry gets the tag and continues the assault on Booker. Miz gets the tag and hits Booker with knees before a 2 count. Booker fights back but Miz cuts him off. Booker counters a suplex and hits one of his own as Aksana cheers on from ringside.

Ziggler comes back in and Booker can’t catch a break. Ziggler works him over and tags back in The Miz. Booker fights out of a hold as Team Teddy cheers him on. Miz runs the ropes but Booker drops him with a big kick. Henry comes in and lays Booker out with a World’s Strongest Slam. Khali drops Henry with a big shot to the head.Swagger and McIntyre come in to take out Khali. Kofi dropkicks them out. Ziggler also ends up on the floor as does Otunga. Kofi and Truth toss Hornswoggle out but Henry catches him and throws him to the floor. Kofi and Ryder leap over the ropes and everyone is laid out on the floor. Aksana and Vickie start brawling. The Bella Twins join in on the catfight. Booker and Miz are down in the ring while Santino reaches for a tag. Booker makes it and in comes Santino. He unloads on Miz and hits the big hip toss. Santino climbs to the top and comes down with a headutt. Santino pulls out the Cobra and scares Laurinaitis off the apron with it. Santino ducks Miz and hits him with the Cobra for a 2 count as Ziggler breaks the pin.

Ryder comes in to take out Ziggler and Miz. He hits the Ruff Ryder on Miz but it’s blocked and he takes out Ziggler with it. Eve comes in as Miz is about to kick Miz in the face. She fist pumps with him but he sees her and stops. Miz comes from behind and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Ryder for the pin and the win.

Winners: Team Laurinaitis

After the match, the new General Manager of RAW and SmackDown John Laurinaitis celebrates with his team as they head up the ramp. Team Teddy are in the ring as Eve checks on Ryder. Ryder gets up and Eve kicks him between the legs. Team Long look shocked as Eve struts up the ramp and to the back. Eve stops on the stage and looks back at Ryder in the ring.

- We see Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez sitting at ringside. Cole leads us into a video package looking at WrestleMania 28 in the media over the past week and footage from Axxess.


We see WWE Champion CM Punk backstage when Team Laurinaitis walks by celebrating. Laurinaits stops and teases Punk. He wants a wrestling match tonight. He announces that if Punk loses his temper and gets disqualified tonight, he will lose the WWE Title to Chris Jericho. He tells Punk to have a good match and walks off.

WWE Championship

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

We go to the arena and the lights go off for a few seconds. Chris Jericho makes his way out with a crazy jacket on. It’s announced that Punk will lose the WWE Title if he is disqualified. We see footage from the feud over the past few weeks.

WWE Champion CM Punk is out next and he gets a hue fireworks display as Cult of Personality hits. The bell rings and they lock up, going to the corners and back. They trade holds and Punk takes Jericho down first. More back and forth action on the mat now. Punk comes from behind and hits Jericho with shots to the head. Punk with chops now before a knee to the gut off the ropes. Punk stomps away in the corner but stops before he gets DQ’d. Punk unloads on Jericho in the corner again and stops before the DQ.

Jericho asks how Pnk’s father is and Punk unloads on him again. Punk keeps control of the match and goes to the top. Jericho