Aj lee
AJ Lee
April Jeanette Mendez
  • Birthdate: 3/19/1987 (age 29)
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 115 Ib

AJ Lee is a self-professed "nerd", as she loves...

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...Cena leaps off with a big cross body that's good for two. Cena goes for Del Rio, and Del Rio drops down with Cena's arm across his knees. Del Rio tries for the cross arm breaker, but Cena counters into the STF and Del Rio struggles to the ropes. Del Rio makes it to the ropes and Cena is forced to break the hold.

Del Rio hits Cena with a couple of nasty kicks, but it's not enough to keep him down. Del Rio locks on the cross arm breaker and Cena's shoulders are down for two. Cena picks Del Rio up and breaks the hold by powerbombing him to the mat. Cena shoulders Del Rio again, but Del Rio fights out. Another attempts at the AA, and Cena gets it. Cena pins Del Rio for three.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena

Cena lays the belt out and thanks the crowd before picking it up and holding it high over his head. Cena tells JBL that he was wrong and that Cena was good. JBL says he never would have believed it.

- Josh Matthews, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth and Kaitlyn discuss John Cena returning triumphantly. Truth says he believes that Daniel Bryan will win in the main event, and Kaitlyn stumbles through something about the Divas title match before being interrupted by AJ Lee's music.

WWE Divas Title Match

Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee

The bell rings and we get a lock up. AJ pushes Brie away, and nothing is solved. AJ shoves Brie's face, and catches her with a right hand, but Brie responds with a right of her own. Brie rolls AJ up for two, then goes to work on her arm. AJ tries to fight back, but Brie hits a Northern lights suplex. Brie connects with a back elbow in the corner, but when she heads out to the apron, AJ sends her crashing out to the floor. AJ brings things back into the ring and covers Brie for two.

AJ clamps on a side headlock, but Brie is able to fight out. AJ sends Brie into the ropes and chokes her against the middle rope. AJ picks Brie up for a big neck breaker, then skips around the ring with a big smile on her face. AJ picks Brie up and kicks her in the stomach, but runs right into a knee to the gut. AJ traps Brie in a guillotine choke, dropping Brie down to the mat.

Brie stands and fights out of the hold before hitting a missile dropkick to send AJ crashing across the ring. Brie charges in with a couple of big dropkicks, and a sloppy clothesline that's good for two. Brie sends AJ into the corner and runs into a big boot. AJ sends Brie crashing face first into the turnbuckle. AJ tries for the black widow, but Brie fights out. AJ goes for a roll up, but Brie counters into a half-crab. Nikki and Tamina get into on the outside while AJ makes it into the ropes. Brie goes for a running knee, but accidentally connects with her sister. AJ locks in the black widow, and forces Brie to tap out.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion


The Prime Time Players are shown playing WWE 2K14 backstage. Bob Backlund is there, and he's not too happy about it. He'd rather kids be reading and writing. Titus explains to Backlund that people will have a chance to become immortal with WWE 2K14. PTP ask if Backlund can dance. Backlund says he dances every day. Backlund does the 'millions of dollars' dance with the PTP.

- Triple H is shown talking to Shawn Michaels backstage and Hunter doesn't look too happy as Michaels walks off. This leads to a video package detailing the events leading up to the main event this evening.

Hell In a Cell for the WWE Title

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

Special Referee: Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is the first man to the ring, and the crowd seems pretty happy to see the Icon make his way to the ring wearing the referee's stripes.

Randy Orton is the first competitor to come to the ring, and he walks slowly, eyeing the cell on his way down the aisle.

Daniel Bryan is out to the ring next, and the fans are hot for Bryan, with loads of 'yes' chants ringing throughout the arena.

Triple H's music hits, and The Game makes his way out holding the WWE title. Hunter shows the title to both men, and offers his hand, but Bryan refuses to shake hands with Hunter. Michaels holds up the title, and