WWE Live SD Results (11/29) - A Cage Match!

Event: WWE Live SmackDown

Airdate: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 (SyFy Network)

Location: The Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC

Results by Tony Acero of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Hey guys, a quick start here as I literally just walked in!! We start with Mick Foley coming out to a decorated ramp with trees and the like. Jolly Ol Saint Mick makes his way towards the ring. Foley welcome's all of us Ho's....or something to that effect, wishes us a Happy holidays and mentions that it's still November. What we must understand is that Mick Foley is a Christmas fanatic. He is to Christmas what JR is to BBQ sauce. The crowd chants for Foley as he looks inside his bag of goodies. How about a World Heavyweight Championship Match between Tiny Tim aka Daniel Bryan and The Ghost of Christmas Fear aka Mark Henry. Also, it will be inside a Steel Cage, for those that did not know. Also, we've got a Miracle on 34th Street Fight, an All I want for Christmas over the top rope battle royal (and the winner gets their special wish granted by Santa Claus). Foley brings up where he promised the no Michael Cole but due to his legal team, he will still be here. However, the contract does not dictate how he is dressed. So, of course, Michael Cole comes out as Rudolph...in a tie. I should mention that Josh Mathews is wearing an elf costume and there's one member of the announce team that is not out here, yet. Booker T comes out as Santa Claus as well.

Booker is in the middle of the ring with Santa Foley. Foley says he wants to include everyone on the roster and a part of the universe. He wants Booker to spin for the Jewish people, like a big dradle...We get a Spinarooni and I notice that Santa's hair from the hat is in draids...hahaha. Booker T says that the holiday spirit is here and he can dig that, SUCKA!!!! Booker is about to make his way to his post when Cody Rhodes's music hits.

He says in the past, he would allow this farce to continue unabated, but he is no longer wearing a mask and as such, he sees things a bit more clearly. What he is seeing is a lowly announcer making a fool of Cody in the ring, endulging in childish antics, taking time away from those of us, like Cody, who still have the skills to compete. Booker takes off the hat and pulls down the beard. He says he has no beef with Cody, and he doesn't want to throw hands with him but don't think for one minute that Booker cannot handle his business in the middle of this ring. If Cody wants to test someone, son!

Son? Cody tells the crowd to shush. Cody says that Booker is a liar. He does have a beef with Cody and addresses Booker as announcer. It's probably because he'll never be the IC Champion and will never be able to call himself champion ever again. Foley then cuts him off and says that Cody is addressing a legend here and a man who is a 5 time, 5 time, 5 time WCW Heavyweight Champion and Cody is effecting Foley's ability to enjoy the holidays. So, how about tonight Cody has a match with Booker T? ody says he is looking forward to it as Booker is at first hesitant then takes it. Foley says we are going to start the night off right with a special Divas match!! AJ!!!!

The Divas are all in the middle of the ring as Mick Foley addresses them from the top of the ramp. There is mistletoe on a pole and whoever grabs it will be able to cash in on a very special prize from now until Christmas.

Match 1: Divas Mistletoe on a Pole Match

All Divas are in the ring, AJ looks hot, that's all you need to know. Ok, I'll tell a little more. The Bellas are wearing a Forest Green ensemble that looks pretty good and Alicia is the first to try and go up the pole. Speaking of the Bellas, Brie trips up Nikki, climbs up her and grabs the mistletoe.

Winner: Brie Bella (NR)

Um...unless this leads to a possible storyline that entices us as fans, I'm not interested...

Foley explains that this mistletoe does not mean she gets a title shot, but what it does mean is that she is free to kiss any Superstar of her choice between now and Christmas...

Before the following match, Jinder Mahal comes...