Event: WWE Live SmackDown (Old-School Theme)

Airdate: Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 (SyFy Network)

Location: The Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA

Results by Colin Rinehart

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Booker T, and Josh Matthews

We open with the clip of Daniel Bryan publicly dumping AJ on last week's show, and sure enough he's going to be our guest in the return of Piper's Pit to Smackdown for the first time in six years tonight. Mean Gene Okerlund is in the ring to do interviews again just like the old days, which is pretty nifty, and he introduces the new World Heavyweight champion, Sheamus. Sheamus says he's glad to be in the ring with a legend like Mean Gene while a minor "Daniel Bryan!" chant starts up and dies pretty quickly. Sheamus apologizes for giving a referee the Brogue Kick last week and losing his cool. Before he can get any further in his apology though, he's interrupted by the regal music of our GM John Laurinaitis. Johnny makes his way down to the ring and shows the clip of Sheamus taking out the ref last week before getting into his face about his actions. He asks Sheamus to publicly apologize to the referee, even though he literally just did, as apparently Ace didn't hear him and makes Sheamus apologize once again. Then he makes him apologize to the rest of the referees as well as the entire world apparently. That's not good enough though as Laurinaitis decides to put Sheamus on probation (is it double-secret?) and if he touches a referee again he'll be fired. Oh and he's being fined $500,000 dollars apparently. He finishes up by telling him that Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio will be taking on Sheamus...and Mean Gene Okerlund?! Seriously?

Backstage Cowboy Bob Orton wishes his son Randy good luck in his match against Mark Henry, which is apparently next.

Randy Orton (28-10-1) vs. Mark Henry (16-10)

This is supposedly a warm up match for Henry in preparation of his third shot at CM Punk's title on RAW next week. Orton goes right after Henry at the bell in the corner but Henry hits him with a big headbutt. Orton takes him into the opposite corner and Henry gives him a huge running powerslam out of it as we take another commercial break. When we return Henry is working an awkward chinlock on Orton as we see a clip of Henry getting sent into the steel steps and kicking out of a pin attempt during the break. Scoop slam followed by a running splash gets Henry a two count. He tries for a second one but Orton slides out of the way and hits him with a pair of clotheslines and a DDT. Henry tries for the World's Strongest Slam and Orton counters it into an attempt at the RKO, but Henry counters that by shoving Orton out of the ring. Henry follows him out of the ring but gets slammed into the steel post for his troubles. And just when the match is starting to get good, Kane's music hits and the Big Red Machine appears on the Titan Tron to tell Randy that he needed to beat Orton at Wrestlemania to once again become whole, and he did just that. Kane tells him they're just starting to have fun however and the camera pans out to reveal Randy's father, Bob, laid out on the floor beneath him. Well I should have seen that coming. Orton takes off to the back and the cameras follow him naturally as he makes his way to his wounded father only to have Kane jump him from behind with a steel pipe. Kane spouts off a cheesy one liner about being a sucker for family reunions just to bring the whole cheesy horror movie vibe full circle here. So no official ending to the match here I guess, it ran about 5:30 (shown) before it turned into an angle. Match was actually not bad while it lasted and was just starting to pick up steam before the abrupt non-finish. **

When we return we see a brief clip of Ted DiBiase and Tony Atlas watching on as jobber "Benny Camer" grabs a mic and says that this is his first match in the WWE, and is then promptly interrupted by his opponent, from Sin City apparently, Ryback.

Ryback (1-0) vs. Benny Camer (0-0)

What's with the no-name jobbers returning lately? Well hey, I guess it does make it a more "old school" show in a sense. Ryback lariats the hell out of Camer at the bell and then follows up with a big running Samoan drop for the quick win at 0:34...