...by a leg drop. Hunico tags in and drives his legs into Jimmy Uso while in the corner. Jey Uso tags in and connects with a kick to the stomach of Hunico. Jey Uso sent off the ropes meets Hunico with more of a tackle than anything else. Another kick to the stomach of Hunico sends him outside the ring. Camacho in the ring now misses Jey Usos and falls outside the ring where Hunico is. Jimmy Uso attempts to go flying through the air, but Hunico and Camacho realize what’s going on and move back just in time.

Camacho pulls the ropes down and Jey Uso goes over them outside the ring. Camacho tagged into the match outside the ring nails a clothesline and drives the back of Jey Uso into the ring. Camacho covers for a one count. Hunico tags in and both men double team Jey uso and slam him. Camacho tags back in and Jey Uso starts fighting back with punches but is met with a huge punch from Camacho. Arm neck hold locked on Jey Uso now as Jey begins to work his way up. Camacho with a power slam, Camacho running gets met with a super kick to the head out of the corner. Both men down and crawling to their corners, Camacho makes the first tag and Hunico knocks Jimmy Uso off the ring before Jey can ever make the tag. Hunico using the ropes and he forces his foot into the head of Jey Uso. Hunico rolls up Jey and immediately picks Jey up and slams him on the mat. Hunico cover and a close two count before Jimmy Uso makes the save. Camacho tags back in and he suplex’s Jimmy. Hunico tags in and covers Jey for two. Jimmy Uso tags in and hits a couple of clotheslines and a kick to the gut of Camacho. Jimmy connects on the Samoan drop and gets a two count before Hunico makes the save. Hunico cowards out of the ring distracting Jimmy as Camacho attacks him from behind. Hunico now tags back into the match. Hunico leap frogs over Camacho missing a Jimmy pushes Camacho shoulder first into the ring post. Jimmy Uso super kicks Hunico. Jey Uso tags in and Jey hits the USOS SPLASH from the top rope!

Winners: The Usos

The Usos celebrate in the ring to end the show.