Jey uso bio
Jey Uso
Joshua Samuel Fatu
  • Birthdate: 08/22/1985 (age 29)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 228 Ib

The Usos are a tag team consisting of real-life...

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[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location:Columbus, OH] [Date: 6/17/14] [Airing Live On WWE Network

Welcome to WWE Main Event coverage, Welcome to WWE Main Event coverage, Seth Rollins comes out and starts talking about the Money In the Bank PPV. He says he is the only one who knows how to control Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. He shows video of three weeks ago when he turned on the Shield. He says he is still in control. He announces that there will be a second ladder match and it will be a traditional MITB ladder match that contains a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. He also announces that he is the first entrant in that match. Dean Ambrose comes out, he is wearing a white T-Shirt and blue jeans. He says he needs to worry about surviving the next ten minutes. A brawl breaks out and then all of a sudden Kane comes out. Rollins takes advantage off the districts. Dean fights both of them off and sends Rollins to the floor. Ambrose stands tall in the ring. 

-Commercial Break-

Lana comes out and she is with her main man, Rusev. She cuts a promo about how great Russia is. 

Rusev VS. Santino.   

Rusev hits a big time kick and then accolade for the win. Complete squash match.

Winner: Rusev.

The Wyatt Family is backstage, they say that time has come, tick tock, the Usos and Sheamus, your time has come. They will fall tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Naomi VS. Paige
Paige with a quick roll up, Naomi with one of her own. Paige locks in a side headlock, Naomi fights out with elbows. Naomi hits a monkey flip and Paige does one of her own. They trade arm drags and then hit a dual drop kick. This get’s good reaction from the crowd. Paige with a major league clothesline for a near fall. Paige locks in a abdominal stretch, Naomi fights out with elbows. Naomi locks in a surfboard submission, but Paige rolls out. Paige with lefts and rights, Naomi accidently runs into Paige (They hit their heads) Naomi on the apron, but Paige lands a series of knees to the face of Naomi. Naomi with a shoulder block, she hits a crossbody for a near fall. Paige goes for the Paige turner, but blocked. Naomi hits a reverse DDT for the win.

Winner: Naomi

After the match, Paige attacks Cameron. She throws her out of the ring as Naomi just stands there. Paige wants to shake hands with her and Naomi does.

-Commercial Break-

The Raw rebound is shown, the clip features John Cena defeating Kane in a stretcher match. 

The Usos and Sheamus do a backstage promo backstage. Sheamus talks about his upcoming match at MITB and The Usos talk about their upcoming match with the Wyatts.

Sheamus and The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family in a six-man tag match

Sheamus and Bray start things off, but Bray tags in Rowan. He send Rowan out of the ring and here comes Harper. Luke with uppercuts, Sheamus fights back with lefts and rights. Sheamus with head butts, he hits a high knee lift. Sheamus with a shoulder block for a near fall. Rowan tagged in, but caught and Sheamus hits a rolling senton. Uso tagged in, have no clue who. They trade strikes, Uso with a knee and then sends him into their corner where now Jey is tagged in. Jey locks in a side headlock, but Rowan fights out and knocks down Uso. Harper tagged in and Jey tags in Jimmy. Back and forth, Jimmy with a crossbody, he backs in Harper once again and tags in Jey. Harper with uppercuts, but the Usos go back to frequent tags in and out.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back and Bray nails a big time clothesline on Jimmy. Back in the ring, The Wyatt Family controls the match, they connect with frequent tags to keep the pace of the match in their favor, however that all goes out the window when Jimmy gets the hot tag to Sheamus. Sheamus hit all of his signature moves and then tags in Jimmy. He hits a splash for a near fall. Jimmy hits a samoan drop and then a splash in the corner. He sends Rowan out of the ring after Rowan misses a big boot. Harper misses the clothesline and eats a super kick. Jey takes out Rowan, but Bray get’s the blind tag and hits sister abigail for the win.

Winners: The Wyatts.

The Wyatts walk to the back and the two teams stare off to end the show. Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time. You can follow me on Twitter.